Allow Multiple Currency Withdrawal Directly to Multiple Bank Accounts (no PayPal, no Payoneer, no Extra Fees)


I would like to be able to have balances in multiple currencies, without conversion, and to be able to withdraw also in multiple currencies, without conversion or extra fees.

I have bank accounts in multiple countries and I don’t need to spend money and lose on conversion rates.

Also, you already charge payment fees, like PayPal, on top of your commision rates. We should be able to withdraw our earnings at any time directly to our bank accounts in all those countries without any fees or having to use third party services like Payoneer (or worse, you send the money to our PayPal if we choose that, then we pay the payment fee again, because you make the payment as a payment for service instead of a regular money transfer, that doesn’t generate fees), like we can do with PayPal when we cash out (deposit to bank).

I am thankful for the platform but, if you want to make your creators happier, this is something you should do. :innocent:


I would really REALLY like to be able to decide where to send my money at the very least. If bank account was an option I could use Revolut to receive USD and then convert it to euros without Paypal’s killer fees… It feels like half the money I make on Patreon is lost between income fees, withdrawal fees, paypal fees, etc.

Please, please, make bank account an option in the future m(_ _)m Thank you!


You can use Payoneer for that.

Oh, I think Payoneer was an option only for US creators when I first joined Patreon, so it was out of question for me (I’m from Spain). It says that payout fee is $1, but will I then be charged 1%~3% when receiving the money in Payoneer?
Thank you!

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If your Patreon is already in Dollars I think you can set your payout to Payoneer, but you need to check with Payoneer if you can use your American bank details or if you need to use their service to convert currencies and send the money to your European account. Take a look on their rules and also on your settings to find out what’s possible in your case. :innocent:

Thank you very much for your help!
I think Payoneer is going to be out of question for me, because I can’t log into my account (I set up an account some time ago for another site). I’m required to enter a verification code sent to my phone number, I’m not receiving it and their customer service is a bunch of bots that send me automatic responses to a problem that has nothing to do with mine, ugh. It doesn’t look like a very reliable place, so I guess I’ll stick to Paypal for now as much as I feel robbed by them sigh I guess I’ll check Payoneer’s conditions if someday I can log in again…

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Try reaching them out on Twitter. That’s what I always do when I need customer support and I face those bots / FAQs that don’t solve my problem.

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I guess my topic is forgotten… :man_shrugging:t2:

Hi! Thanks for your suggestion and your patience :slight_smile:

There’s no way for a Patreon creator to hold balances in different currencies and no current plan to build in this option, since most Patreon creators don’t have bank accounts in multiple countries. I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news - or, at least, news that isn’t what you were looking for!