Allow public-facing custom thumbnails/teasers for patron-only posts

For 99% of my posts, even if I’m sharing a blog-like update, I still choose the “image” post option so I can include a custom thumbnail in the header.

All my thumbnails have the same format, I just change the image and the post type (e.g. ‘art share,’ ‘diary’, ‘rewards’, etc.). Here’s an example for an upcoming post:

I polled my patrons and they greatly prefer viewing my art/photos within the post itself by scrolling down through it (using the gallery option instead is very slow and clunky on their devices), so I always use the top photo as a header/teaser about the post. However, unless the viewer is a patron of the right tier and logged in to see it, everyone else only sees a blurry image.

While I use the thumbnails I create to promote my posts on social media, it would be awesome if we could have a checkbox or something to make the first/main photo in our posts public. I think my page would look a lot more intriguing to newcomers if, instead of seeing nothing but blurry images with a lock over them as they scroll down, they actually get to see all these teaser images and understand how many of each type of posts I tend to share. It might also encourage patrons in lower tiers to bump up to a higher tier if they can actually see the thumbnails of posts they might be missing.

I enjoy the format I make for myself, however if Patreon wanted to also add a tool for us to create our own teaser image on-site, that might be neat, too, and save me some time from making my own before writing each post.

Thank you.


This has been requested before, so it is a desired feature, and it’s definitely an option I’d like available as well. I hope they consider it :slight_smile:


I’d like that also! I also really like how you’ve formatted your teaser pics for your different post types, @zelaphas. Hope you don’t mind if I borrow that idea!


I’d love to just be able to make a header image available for the text post type. That way we’d not have to select Image post in order to get that/ blurry or not. I’ve moved to using Text posts but embedding an image at the top of my text body because people were complaining of not being able to search by post type correctly (patrons don’t expect an article to be in an image post type).

And I agree, it would draw in more people I think and as long as it’s an option (not default) it shouldn’t impact people who use the Image post to share an image that is meant to be just for Patrons.


That’s a great suggestion I think it will surely make an improvement in the presentation of our content.

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I just started so I haven’t organized myself yet enough to have those for my Patreon, but I really like the idea of being able to show the top image/header if desired for non-patrons. Awesome idea!

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