American Express and Pre-Paid cards?

I’ve heard from a number of Patrons using American Express and pre-paid debit cards that they can no longer pledge to me, and this seems to be the case with multiple other creators I’ve talked to also.

Saw an earlier topic about it and it never got a response from anyone, so I’m wondering, does Patreon not allow American Express or pre-paid debit cards anymore?

Would be good to know if true, so that I can tell my backers to switch to something else instead of them scratching their heads wondering why their payment methods suddenly don’t work, etc.


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On the campaign where my American Express stopped working, I was able to change to pay by Paypal where Paypal charges to the American Express. So there is a workaround to that part, FYI.

Also, I still have other pledges on the American Express, so whether it’s accepted must be specific to the region of the creator or something. Maybe the creator I had to switch for is in the UK?

I have no idea on the pre-paid cards.

Possibly, @mindy is there any way we could get clarification on this? Or would this be more something we’d need to write in a support ticket for like you suggested? I just asked it here because it seems more like a “policy” thing than a “specific account help” thing

Hi, I checked with the team on pre-paid cards and confirm Patreon requires that all pledges be tied to a credit card with a continual funding source (i.e. credit, or bank account). Moving forward, you’ll want to ensure your patrons add a valid credit card (not prepaid credit card). For Amex issues or declined charges, I’d recommend writing into support.

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Awesome, thanks a lot! But just to be clear then, Patreon hasn’t site-wide banned Amex?

It has definitely not site-wide banned Amex, because I can use my Amex on some creators but not others.

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Payments are a tricky thing and we have to work with our payments partners closely as each one has their own rules, regulations, and ways of doing things! It’s hard for me to give a concrete answer as things change and it depends on a lot of things - the creator, the patrons, the payments, their banks, etc. so if your patrons are using a method and it works for them, that’s great! if it’s not working, I’d encourage them to write into the support team so they can view the whole situation and give guidance.

sorry my answer is a little vague @HentaiWriter, I hope you can understand it’s a complicated thing.

Oh yeah I understand, no worries, and ammulder has shown that you can use Amex, more what I meant was that I was asking if it was Patreon’s policy themselves to have banned Amex (ex. if you tried to use Amex directly it just would be refused site-wide because Patreon wouldn’t allow it ever), but that doesn’t seem to be the case so yeah :stuck_out_tongue:

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Very disappointing that Patreon no longer supports prepaid cards. Many users prefer them, whether for security, privacy, or financial reasons.

Ugh; is there a reason for not supporting prepaid cards? I have a lot of supporters who live the cash lifestyle and this restriction is preventing them from supporting my Patreon! :frowning: :frowning:

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