An introduction to your new community manager for next two weeks!

Hey creators,

Hope you’re having a wonderful week so far!

I’m headed off the grid from tomorrow until Tuesday, September 5th, but my colleague, @jake, will be stepping in to make sure everything runs smoothly in the community. Jake has been on the Community Happiness team for quite some time, so you may have already worked with him if you’ve ever sent in a support ticket. He is an absolute rockstar and a delight to work with.

As always, if you have a question, issue, or bug that would be better suited for the Patreon team to answer, please send over a support ticket instead of starting a thread in the community.

I look forward to catching up on all the great conversations upon my return. In the meantime, please say hello to Jake! :slight_smile:


Have a great (holiday?) time, Ellie - get back safely.

Welcome, @jake - it would be cool to see more interaction with the “community” (both of us that is) and some actual participation in discussions that directly relate to how Patreon communicates with “us creators”. So, since you are a “rockstar”, maybe you can chime in into some of the threads where Patreon is directly being addressed, suggestions on improvements are being made, questions are raised and overall feelings are expressed.

Have a great time - most of us are quite nice, actually!


Hey all!

I’m really excited to step in for Ellie for the next couple weeks! I absolutely love this community and will be around to answer any all questions that might arise while Ellie is away.