An Update re: Inactive Campaigns on Patreon

Hi, Creators!

Just a quick update that we wanted to share with you. Every few months Patreon takes inactive creator campaigns and reverts them to a pre-launch state. We consider an account inactive if it hasn’t published a post or processed a payment in over four months. We do this to help mitigate risky activity on Patreon such as spam, content theft and account takeovers. We’ll run this reversion tomorrow around 8am (pst) and will run it again in subsequent quarters.

Creators can easily reinstate their campaigns and nothing from the account will have been changed or lost.

We understand that in the past this action has caused some complications for a small number of creators, and want to make sure that you all have a heads up before we launch this reversion. Here are some answers to the most frequently-asked questions we think will help mitigate confusion:

  • Accounts can be easily relaunched by following the steps in this Help Center Article.

  • Reverted accounts that have Founders’ processing rates will not lose those rates. Upon relaunch, Founders’ status will remain.

  • No content will be deleted in this reversion. When you relaunch your page, it will look as it did prior to its reversion.

  • Creator-patron messaging will not be affected by this action.

If you’ve got any questions not addressed above, please feel free to raise them here. We’ll be happy to help out.


I’m glad that a warning is being given this time (and founder statuses will not be lost) but less than 24 hours is cutting it pretty close considering not all creator are here (are creators getting emailed about this too?) Can we get what the standard dates for this will be?

ALSO, is there a way for projects that have a longer period of not getting paid to mark it on their account as such? For example, I run a zine project that only does two issues a year. (last year we only did one for obvious pandemic reasons so there wasn’t content in a long period of time) So, payments are about 6 months apart. There are periods of time where we don’t post much and while I’m not sure we’ve ever hit 4 months of nothing (except for maybe over the winter holiday season since we don’t produce anything during that time) but I really don’t want to have to deal with this happening on that account just because it’s per creation on a longer time frame and we actively take time off, which our patrons do not pay for. We’re an old account and very clearly not fraud/scam and we’re not concerned about content theft. (It’s left up for a reason.)

Thanks for your time.


Hi there,

Thanks for sharing your concerns.

To answer your first question, we plan on doing future account reversions the second month of each quarter. So the first week of May is when we expect to run this again. You can expect another heads up (with more than 24-hours’ notice) in this channel announcing the next round.

Also, we truly appreciate your thoughts on this matter, and will continue working to ensure that active creators can reactivate reverted pages as quickly and painlessly as possible. We plan to continue to improve this process in future in order to continue providing a positive creator experience.

As of right now we haven’t built a way for less-frequent posters/processors to prevent their account from being reverted. In the future we may take a look at lengthening the amount of time it takes for a count to fit the “inactive” profile. We definitely appreciate your feedback and will use it to improve future iterations of this process.

Again, thank you for raising these concerns.

-Patreon Policy

I’m glad to hear this. My partner made a Patreon back when the founding status was going away, and it was reverted back to prelaunch some time after. I was worried he made it for nothing x’D

Perhaps a warning email? Maybe two weeks ahead, and another a week ahead? Or something like that? Just a little “I confirm still active” button or something. But I agree with Temrin, something more than just posting here would be appreciated, as most creators are not on these forums.