Analytics: Interpreting It

I’ve now got about three weeks’ worth of data on Google Analytics from my Patreon page, and I’m curious how others are interpreting it. I’ve really only just started.

I’m going by the ‘Behavior Flow’ panel, which is in the analytics nav here:

This shows me a diagram of visits to my site, with the percentage of people who take each route (or simply leave). The important bit looks like this:

So, you can see I had 198 visits that started on my main page. That page has a 90% drop-off rate—most people read it and leave. 5% go off and read my posts, the other 5% click through to be a Patron.

I’ve no idea if that rate is … representative of a well, average, or poorly performing landing page. Curious!

Then, the /bepatron page itself is interesting. The flow through it looks like this:

This page has about a 50% drop-off rate. Is this good, average, or a poorly performing page? This is the first time many people see the rewards, so I’m assuming those have something to do with it.

Also, I really wish I could see people choosing to sign up, but i can’t—I think the ‘create a Patreon account’ stuff isn’t associated with my analytics ID. Is there a way for me to tell what people are doing on this page? I can see which of my pages they visit next, but I have no idea if they’re signing up or just meandering around.

I’d love to see other campaigns’ data, if you’re willing to share!

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Just to give you a data point, I get about 1.46% of the people who come to my Patreon page end up becoming Patrons. About 3.21% go to the be a patron page, and then half of them fail to actually sign up. So if you’re getting 5%, that’s pretty good.


Oh thanks, that’s useful.

Another way of looking at my sign-up percentage is % of visitors to Patreon at all - and I’ve had 311 visitors since I began my feed, and 15 sign-ups, so that’s just shy of 5%.

How do you tell from traffic whether someone signs up? What’s the URL for that? /bepatron just seems to be the start of that process.

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