Animators Gather Round:

I figured why not! I’m curious how many animators are out there.

If you’re an animator, sound off. What kind of content do you make, if it fan related, original, short clips, full stories, etc?

What software do you use? Is it just you or do you have a team?

Share your channels, pages, etc!

My name’s Adam and I tend to focus on original story based animated content. I finished a 6 episode first season of my animated mecha web series, Shattered Heaven in August and am currently working on season 2.

I mainly used Flash, but I’ve definitely noticed the limitations of the program, quality wise and have since switched to Clip Studio Pro for season 2. The series is based on my novel series.

I’m also working on another animated series for a friend, Kira Buckland, called Dragon Star.

Definitely took me a long time to get the courage to set up a Patreon but I’m pretty glad that I did.

Looking forward to hearing from other animators!


No replies? Huh. Well, I may as well even though my work only loosely fits the category of animation.

I choreograph/construct/draw “tracks” using a tool called Line Rider. It’s a ragdoll-physics sandbox “game” but in practice it’s really more of an animation tool with some deep and unusual restrictions (The version I use these days has timelines scrubbing and onion skinning, for example). The content often resembles a precisely-defined choreographed dance, and usually takes the form of an abstract music video of some kind, that is then published on YouTube.

It’s just me, though I have done a fair amount of collaborating, producing, and directing larger projects (Sometimes with up to 25 people). I’ve been making things for over 10 years (since I was 14) and I’ve had a Patreon for the last year.

I’m currently 33 minutes into a 50-minute project set to a post-rock album, which is exciting because nearly all Line Rider tracks are generally under 4 minutes in runtime. I’m also working on an archival project to save web pages, video files, and track files. (Both projects have been in the works for over a year, and the time spent is reaching into the hundreds of hours!)

Alright, I’m a classic animator using Animate CC (Flash) to do my animations.
My YouTube is

and my Patreon is this

saw your youtube- BRO your killing it with the gundam suits. i respect anybody that actually animates those (alot of anime shows just use weird looking cgi and it doesnt look right in a 2D plane) honestly keep up what your doing :slight_smile:

and well i do a little bit of animating but i do want to do way more in the future. i make fanart animations mostly, like really short,

for example i did this Dan Vs. reaction GIF

and a very short fan animation of a r/nosleep (or Creepypasta)

I use clipstudiopaint EX. i love it but ive had some major problems w/ it when it came to animation, such as weird AF glitches and the audio crashing the whole application. but i got a new tablet and a whole 5T driver so clipstudio has no excuse now.

i am a one-man guy. i payed someone for custom music from reddit and i really liked his work but he hasnt responded to any of my new offers so… :sob:

nistagram and deviantart are my main places. heres my insta!

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We’re into 3d modeling and animation

Hello Patreon Community,

I go by the pseudonym, Happee Go’Luckey “Da’ Gr8 One”. It’s a solo effort but I create a crappy, somewhat original, mature, 2d animated series of cartoon shorts entitled, “Adulterated M’fin’ B.S.” (A.M.B.S.) on the internet (main: YouTube) using Anime Studio Pro (Moho).

Check me out on Patreon!
H.G. Da’ Gr8 One Patreon

Check me out on YouTube!
H.G. Da’ Gr8 One YouTube

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Checked out your IG, keep up the good work.

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Checked out your YouTube channel, keep up the good work!

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