Anniversary Feature

I would love to send a little note or maybe even a gift to a patron when they reach a certain anniversary date. I’m sure many would love the options of 1st month, 3rd month, 6th month, or annually. Even if it was a notification sent to me through email for everyone who has an anniversary that day.


I love this idea! It would be wonderful for making patrons feel noticed and appreciated. I have passed on this suggestion to the product team for them to consider as the prioritize what to work on next.

Side note, did you see about #thankyoupatrons day on Monday Nov 19th? that’s a good way to make them feel valued too :blush:

Thank you! I was hoping “benefit tracking” would do this but it’s not quite doing the trick. Perhaps it can be added to it?

And yes! I saw the hashtag and added it to my calendar as a reminder. Thank you!

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