Announcing the new Patreon

Hey creators,

For the past year, we’ve been working on something big. Something so big, it requires an unnecessary amount of exclamation points after this sentence!!! And this gif of a flower shooting rainbows out of its fingertips:

After listening to your feedback since the dawn of Patreon (also known as the year 2013), one thing was clear: you need the best possible tools for growing your creative business, connecting with your patrons, and distributing rewards as smooth as margarine (let’s be real: butter gets enough love).

I am so excited to share with you a new Patreon. We’ve thought long and hard about your creative process and what we can do to make your life as a Patreon creator a rewarding journey for both you and your fans. In short, we’ve reimagined Patreon as a membership platform that makes it easy for you to get paid.

Here is a quick peek of some brand new things we’re rolling out to you:


Lens is a new way to share photos and videos exclusively with your patrons from mobile. We built Lens to address a huge creator need: a way to easily reward patrons by bringing them behind-the-scenes, into the day-to-day process. With Lens, creators can show their patrons things other fans don’t see, like process photos and behind-the-scenes looks at the things they’re already making (videos, music, comics, anything). Within seconds, creators can capture a seemingly-simple moment and deliver it to the fans who want it most.

[Patron Relationship Manager](

Our research shows that creators want the ability to learn about their patrons on an individual basis. The new Patron Relationship Manager (PRM) will be the source of truth for every patron. The complete redesign from the the previous Patron Manager tool gives creators confidence that we are setting out to make all new products as simple, yet comprehensive as possible.

Redesigned creator navigation

Gone are the days when you have to hunt for the tools you use to run your Patreon page. Our new creator navigation toolbar surfaces the most important features needed to access and manage your business.


We’re excited to be teaming up with premium livestreaming platform Crowdcast to make it incredibly easy for you to offer livestreams as a reward to your patrons on Patreon. This integration gives you the power to create livestreams that are visible to all of your patrons, specific reward tiers, or publicly.

[Automated Early Access](

When we surveyed creators about the feature they want most on Patreon, 37% chose Early Access. Our new Early Access feature makes it easier than ever for you to reward your patrons without having to create any extra content — simply take the great stuff you’re already making and allow patrons to see it early before other fans.

It’s important to note that these features are being released to creators in batches, so you might not immediately see everything from within your account just yet. Fear not! We will make sure that the moment it’s available to you (very very soon), you’ll be notified.

I hope these new tools give you the freedom and flexibility to build, grow and manage a thriving community on Patreon while allowing you to focus on doing what you love. I cannot wait to see what you create. Cue confetti. :tada:


OH MY GOD! Haha I love the flower shooting rainbows <3

I just noticed that the Patreon logo looked different, refreshed the page and there it was! I started reading about the new features and uttered a weird sound when I read about “Lens” - I’m so freaking EXCITED! I’ve been wanting something like this for a long time. Caaaan’t wait until it’s available for everyone, and can’t wait to try out the new Patreon and all the new features!
Just had to log in here to share my excitement with somone xD
Thank you, Patreon + Ellie <3

PS: Is there any way to get into that Lens beta? :sunglasses: Too curious.


Wow! I logged in minutes before you posted and everything had changed! Navigation is so much less confusing now, as I was hoping! Still looking around…
PS Though I’ll miss the original P a bit, it’s a good thing that it’s no longer so visually close to Pinterest!


Also have to say I miss the P, it was a great looking P. May it rest in peace.


Your excitement matches my own!! This is AWESOME!


I WANT THE LIVESTREAMING, OMG, so frickin’ excited!!!


The iconic P, which had finally made it’s way through the interwebs to be just about as well known as twitters blue or black bird, has changed. Branding wise, this is kinda bad.

For everyone who has commissioned art for the patreon icon for their sites etc, are royally f*ed over. Where was the warning?


So glad to hear @nymla! We’re not able to add any creators to the Lens beta at the moment, but we’ll let you know when it’s out to everyone (should be soon). :slight_smile:

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Gosh you guys, it’s so much neater to navigate, what a relief! And I’m excited about the relationship manager :+1:
I personally have little use for Lens, especially since it requires a separate app, but it sounds amazing for creators whose work and audience are oriented towards these things.
Early access has been available to me for some time and it’s a brilliant feature, though I must say I had stopped using it because I couldn’t tell if it was working right! There was something confusing about the status of posts with early access, so I reverted to doing it manually instead. But I’ll give it another shot and see if that still arises.

Re the P, while I sympathize with people who had created something special around it and feel a warning would have been a good idea (I’m SO glad I didn’t include it in the business cards I ordered last week!) I disagree that it had achieved iconic status. After 2 years on Patreon I still confused it with the Pinterest logo every time, and it doesn’t show up in lists of social media, so now was a good time to make a change, better than later. I’m not entirely sure how iconic the new one is, but at least it’s distinct…

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@maloki Totally understand! The P has treated us well for the last four years but now that we’re growing up and have a ton of new products, we need to distance ourselves from our old look (lest creators continue to associate us with old messaging).

We’ve created these branding guidelines (equipped with new logo assets) to help you with updating the logo on any of your own marketing. I hope it helps!

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Love the branding guidelines. And I take back what I said, seen as a system, it’s beautiful. It also looks reliable and professional and I’ll be more comfortable showing it to an older demographic.


That’s what we’re hoping, @joumana. Thanks for the love. :blush:

Once you use the relationship manager a bit, be sure to drop us some feedback over here:

We’d love to hear what’s working, what’s not working, and what you’re not able to do yet that would make life even easier. :slight_smile:

Will do!

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Dear @Patreon staff the New logo is unrecognizable, abstract shapes do NOT communicate well for branding. The older logo was timeless and artists/illustrators really cant slap the new one on art work as nicely as the old one.
By changing it so drastically in a literal heartbeat, the recognizable brand/logo is now inconsistant for pieces that might have the logo on them already… Please reconsider!!
On a slightly more personal note i had just finished making/printing this signage & incorporating it into use at my booths at exhibits/shows. its a bit of a costly mistake & letdown and this change, really does not serve you well as a recognizable brand!


aside from the logo, the new site features are awesome, so props to you all on that at least!


Hey @samkalensky, darn, your new signage looks amazing! I’m so sorry that the new logo has come at an inconvenient time to you. I am sure you are not the only one and I wish we could have given you more advanced notice, but unfortunately had to keep this all under wraps for some time.

You may not know this, but our old logo was created over four years ago on 99 Designs and it represented us (and creators on Patreon) so well during that time. But as we grow into a more professional company set on helping creators get paid, we need to distance ourselves from our old look, which is associated with a brand that no longer represents us.

To be honest, I did not like the new logo when I saw it at first either. It didn’t mean anything to me at the time. But as we’ve started creating new things and launching new creators under the new brand, the logo has begun to grow on me, as I hope it will on you too.

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Changing the logo kinda screws everyone who has used it in videos, and to tag images. My intro video became instantly outdated. Thanks so much for changing it with no warning. :unamused:

So, where’s the new media page, with copies of the logo for us to use in hastily creating new images for our web sites and such?


Oh, never mind. I found the branding page.

Sorry about this, @lisavollrath. Unfortunately, it was unavoidable, as we needed to keep everything underwraps until this morning. Glad you found the branding guidelines (I linked them a bit higher up in this thread as well). :slight_smile: