Annual membership commitment

I like the theory of the annual membership, as a creator. But I won’t do it because as I understand it, I receive the full payment for the annual member / Patron, but what if I can’t work for a few months for one reason or another? I would have to pay out a huge amount of money to all my Annual Patrons.
I would be happier if Patreon took the full amount from the patron for a year, but paid me the guaranteed monthly amount every month, then in the event of ME not being able to work, Patreon refunds the Patron and I don’t have to worry about it.


hey @Lesley_Pyke_Glass_Engrave, thanks for providing your thoughts and feedback. You’re correct - when a new patron makes an annual pledge, you (the creators) receive the full payment at that time.

In the situation that you stop creating for your patrons, you can always pause your page. Your annual patrons will get the time paused, added to to their annual pledge. For example: if you pause your creator page for 2 months, your annual pledge patrons charge will be be delayed for 2 months, giving them a total of 14 months for their annual pledge.

Hope this helps! I’ll be sure to surface your comments to the team for consideration for future updates.


That is really helpful, thank you Reyna

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Reyna, what occurs in the event of a patron not wanting to continue their pledge? Say for instance after several months of patronage, they decide they won’t align with the content of the creator? What happens if the patron wants to back out of the annual membership? Does the creator have to refund the patron? Or does the creator have the option if they want to refund the patron?

Glad you reached out to ask @PamelaAaralyn! If an annual patron decided to cancel their pledge before the year is up, issuing a refund is entirely up to you. Except in the most extreme of cases, we will not issue a refund for you. You can read more about this here:

We also have this thread of creators sharing their POV on patron refunds here:

Hope this helps!