Annual membership > moving to a higher tier for 1 month

I was wondering (or actually one of my patrons asked ;)), what if a patron has an annual membership, but wants to move up a tier for just one month. Is that possible? Or will the patron automatically be paying an annual fee for the higher tier?

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If I understand what Patreon has said correctly, the patron will be charged the difference for the remainder of the annual pledge, and there’s no going back, so to speak. I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong.

Oh, that kind of sucks :frowning: Thanks for answering, Michael

This is a great question, @ArtwithFlo!
If your patron wants to increase their annual pledge, a pro-rated credit from their initial charge will be applied to the new amount and then they would be charged the difference between the two tiers. Currently, there is no way to decrease an annual pledge.

Check out this help article below and scroll down to Making changes to an annual membership for more context and examples.