Annual memberships on a per-tier basis

So in general, annual memberships have not been of interest to me, both because I prefer to have more consistent income month to month rather than large sums sporadically throughout the year, and because the pledges relate either to work on my part or me paying a contractor. Long story short, it’s just easier to manage.

That said, I just had a patron pledge to one of my lower donation-only tiers ask about the possibility of “enabling annual on the donation tiers”. To my understanding this is not an option (it seems to be account-wide), but I can definitely see there being value in allowing this. I’d certainly do so for my $1 and $3 tiers (giving the option for a $12 and $36 annual tiers respectively). This would definitely entice people who are looking just to donate but who don’t want to commit to a monthly expense.

Thanks for the consideration.