Annual plan "per month" earnings data question

Hello! This question will probably be quickly answered by patreon admins or a creator who’s had access to this beta feature for longer than I have.

I just got access to annual memberships and immediately turned it on. I also immediately saw a big bump in folks switching over to annual memberships from monthly, with a few new folks pledging annually as well. The patreon dashboard is showing my income earnings with a significant boost this month (which I know includes those annual payments), and my page is also showing that I’ve hit my next target goal and well surpassed it. But did I really meet my monthly goal?

For example (hypothetically, not real numbers): My goal is “when I hit $1000 per month I’ll start an audio podcast”, and before annual memberships were available, my monthly income was sitting at around $500, but several large contributors switched to annual in August making the income show that I’m earning $1500 this month, and my page is showing that I surpassed that $1000 goal. But did I really surpass that goal if, in essence, you divide the annuals by 12 months and I’ve only seen an increase of $80 per month so I’m actually making $580 per month? Does it just mean I’ve surpassed the goal for August, but I didn’t surpass the goal next month (unless I continue to see a big whoppin’ increase in pledges in September too)? Because my normal growth pattern wouldn’t show a $1000 increase in pledges next month too.

My question is: At the start of next month, will this income earning report reflect a decline back to my normal growth pattern per month given everyone signed up all of a sudden for the annual membership in August? And will it show that, even though I’m currently past my goal, it’ll drop below the goal again? Since this bump is due to lots of monthly patrons choosing to switch to annual, I worry that my goal hasn’t actually been surpassed, and it’s just showing I’ve passed this goal due to everyone switching to annual all of a sudden. I don’t want to post and say “yay! We’ve hit this goal!” if next month I have to be like “Ha! Just kidding!” if it drops below the goal.

I’m assuming I’m correct in how I’m reading the data, but want to be sure. And if this assumption is correct, wouldn’t it be wise to make the goal more accurately reflect MONTHLY pledges by dividing the annual pledge by month and showing that data as a part of the goal instead of lumping it all together? If my patrons think I have hit my goal but it’s just because everyone’s paying for annual memberships in August, then I can’t really start an audio podcast logistically this month if next month I haven’t hit that audio podcast goal and can’t pay for the RSS feed / guests.

I’m fine with getting a nice bonus in my checking account this month, but I don’t want for the goal on my page to show we’ve hit a target if monthly, I’m not actually anywhere near that goal.

I hope that makes sense. I’m trying to explain it as best I can but I’m confused by what I’m seeing on the page.


I’ve been having the same issue, your best bet is to contact Patreon support directly and see what they tell you about fixing it.

Hi @ShannonMorse, so glad you reached out to ask!

To keep it short: there was a bug with the creator home that altered how the public facing number was displayed. The public facing numbers has been corrected now, it’s calculated by annual pledge $ divided by 12 + monthly pledges.

I hope this helps provide some comfort! It’s so exciting to see that your patrons are opting in to an annual membership :hugs:

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Thank you @reyna! Your answer was much more concise than my wordy paragraphs hahaha

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This bug still seems to be there, over a month later. The numbers are badly off, and because they are public, it looks like I’ve lost numerous patrons, which could well lead to others either dropping or not signing up.

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I think this is still happening @reyna and co.

I recently switched to annual subs, and after a few new annual patrons my earnings jumped hugely on my public ‘monthly amount’.
Is this still a bug?

I was hoping the monthly amount would reflect the monthly subs including the annual subs divided by 12.

Hmm your monthly earnings display number should be posted in this way. The bug that was showing monthly pledges + annual pledges has since been fixed. Would you mind reaching out to support on this one @Moonlight_Maps?

I’m not able to look into your account to see more. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Hi Reyna,

My bad, it was my home feed that was showing adjusted monthly income, not my public view. Sorry. All good.

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No worries, glad you were able to figure it out!