Another Notifications issue

For this one, you’d want to check input from @DysonLogos or someone else with a great big campaign in case it would be too much for them, but…

For me, with a countable number of patrons, I’d like to see a notification when a patron who was declined clears up their payment method.

Here’s what happened:

Today, I check in on my page and the totals looked different. I couldn’t put my finger on it at first. There was no notification – no explanation. I’m thinking, “Am I crazy?”

I poked around a bit, and eventually realized that a declined patron had paid. So my public patron total went up by one, and that patron’s pledge was re-added to the public total. I confirmed that my account balance was up by the amount of the pledge.

For me, it’s really quite important that when my public numbers change, in any direction and for any reason, there’s a notification to explain it. I don’t want to be writing down my public numbers with a pencil to be sure that I know whether I’m seeing a change or not if they look different next time. I want a notification!

To me, that could be one guiding principle of Notifications: if there’s any change in public numbers, explain it with a Notification. So that also implies that if a patron is declined there should be a notification because the public numbers are about to go down. I’d be totally OK with that.


I really agree with this. Otherwise it is hard to know what is going on.

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