Another site dedicated to steal Patreon contents

Hey Patreon Support, fellow creators,

I’m curious if Patreon can do anything about the site which seems to be some sort of … marketplace for stolen contents from Patreon and other platforms. Pretty much 95% of my supporter rewards are there, and obviously artists have zero ways to do anything to enforce their IP rights in those cases.

Can Patreon determine who hosts that site and shoot it down? :confused: Maybe you as company have got a bit more leverage. The thing that just really ticks me off is that they have a shopping cart and some sort of internal currency system in place. So this has more of a commercial character than other shady sites with similar purpose, which have already been mentioned in other topics.


Hi there @todex, thanks for the post. I’ve passed this report onto our legal team who will investigate further and see if there’s anything they can do to shut it down.

Update: we found out that they are a Chinese site, being hosted in the Netherlands, who registered their domain with a Denver, CO address. We have sent an email to the only address they had listed asking for all Patreon scraped content to be removed from their site but I’m afraid we don’t expect them to comply.

I learned that a creator has more rights than Patreon does when it comes to © enforcement, so please feel free to use this DMCA takedown notice template we made for creators. Send it to whatever contact info you can find on the site and if they don’t have an email listed, that’s when I would reach out to the web host.

If you’d like to learn more, here is the basics of a creators and if you find an infringement online, here is a pretty great walkthrough of the DMCA process. Hope this helps!


Not… really sure how to even use this inkfre site. Thanks for bringing it up; definitely something I’ll keep an eye on if anything familiar pops up on it.

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Thanks, mindy! You’re very helpful, I’ll see what I can do here on my end. :slight_smile:

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