Any Filmmakers or Movie Lovers?

Hey any fellow filmmakers here? If you are, share your work! :movie_camera:

I’m a filmmaker myself. I write, direct, act, produce & edit! Also, I made my first feature film when I was 19! I’d love to exchange feedback with everyone and see how we can help each other grow!

You can find my films here:


Do youtube video blogs count?? haha :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe not…

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Ahaha sure why not! :stuck_out_tongue:

haha well here’s my channel then :stuck_out_tongue: haha

have you done any music videos?

I worked on a short film for Campus Moviefest this year, and I worked with some friends on a 10 minutes AP project my junior year in high school.

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right here and hi!

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Thanks! Let’s see here…

Oh, here’s a good one!

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Hi all fellow Filmmakers.

I’m running some sort of an art project. Main goal is to support Independent Filmmakers. Enable them to create new films without any compromise. The support goes from consulting, with funding until the distribution. You can find on IMDb some films that we were able to provide our part to create them.

I’m relatively new on Patreon with my project. But I think Patreon is a great opportunity to help each other. If anyone is interested to push each other on the Social Medias please let me know.

My Patreon page you can find here.


Gian Keller
Felix Mater Society

I am a filmmaker :smiley:
I am making animated short films for the university.
Sadly the damn university doesn’t want to support it’s students and the films will be done with no budget…
This is why i started a patreon and i discovered that you must have fans to get supported and that kinda sounds dumb since people can donate thru paypal even without using patreon XD
Anyways this is my patreon:
You can look at the goals the films i am trying to get sponsored.

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I mainly do content like vlogs, reviews, fan trailer edits and such. But here is a short film I directed in film school and was released in 2013. It did have a screening as well (tiny theater :sweat_smile: )

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I’m not a filmmaker, but I am a movie lover and I love watching loads of movies as they are coming out! My Youtube account is dedicated to reviewing movies! Here’s a sample of a movie that I had just recently reviewed:

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Actor and filmmaker here as well! and


Movie lovers! I have a question for you…

If you can walk onto the set any movie in history and walk out with one prop or costume… What would you grab?

I would have to say I’d go for the Golden Snitch from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets :zap:

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