Anyone doing any polls for your patrons?

So, for awhile, I have been doing polls on my Patreon page to allow more people to sign up for my Patreon page or at least check out what I have to offer on my Patreon page. I found out that one of the most effective ways to get more people to participate in my polls is to attract the non-patrons to vote in the polls. This would help expand my Patreon page to other platforms besides Patreon and help more people notice my Patreon page. So, is anyone else doing polls for your Patreon page? And if you are, please leave links down below so we can also participate in these polls!


I just posted up a poll for non-patrons where I ask anyone who is interested in joining my Patreon page about what I should add to my page to help entice people to join my page. Here’s the poll and please feel free to vote if you are interested!

Patreon Poll for NON-PATRONS! | Rabbitearsblog on Patreon

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I’ve tried running polls, but, so far, without any results. Here’s the link though to the last poll I did if anyone would like to participate in it.

Favorite Fairy Tale | Laura Hepworth on Patreon


Cool! I just voted on your poll!

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Thank you! Much appreciated :slight_smile: .

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You’re welcome!

Yeah. My polls never get any attention. Even if my writing takes off that week (which is like… 50 hits), I’ll have a poll up, the poll will also get like 25 hits, and not one person will vote in it. I gave up a while ago.

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Yeah, I’m debating about whether or not I should continue doing polls for my Patreon account if it’s not getting any attention.

I’m debating giving up all of this… I’ve been at it for 6 years and can’t even get more than 2 subscribers, and I’m pretty sure the two I have Dont even read any of my releases.


The world sucks. Especially for a writer like me. No one reads anymore.

Maybe wait and resume doing polls when you have more patrons and followers. :woman_shrugging:t2: