Anyone else having an issue with sharing to Tumblr? And Facebook?

Patreon has never wanted to share to Tumblr if I have something large or portrait aligned. I’ve always had to drag the pop-out smaller and then click post and then go back into tumblr to edit tags and whatnot. If my cursor goes anywhere inside the pop-out, it maximizes and I have to drag it smaller again. Lately, it won’t share at all. I click post and nothing happens. So is anyone else havin’ this issue? Is there some sort of trick to it I haven’t figured out yet?

Thanks for your help!

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Also the image doesn’t show up when I share to Facebook anymore either. It just has that default Patreon link that says “Patreon is empowering…” etc. It used to be a proper little preview. My comments and likes have dropped significantly and I can only imagine the link clicks as well. Is there some way to get the thumbnail image to show?

I’ve had problems with Facebook as well. I reported the bug and got told they would have the engineers look at it but nothing beyond that. It’s hurting me really badly because so much of my traffic was coming from Facebook.

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Yeah, the Facebook issue is really hurtin’ me. I don’t have a lot of followers anywhere, but I apparently only have 2 people who will click a text link (both already patrons). Text posts get very little follow-through and I suspect the same if I upload a picture and put the Patreon URL in the first comment. I’m findin’ the same issues now with Recurpost as well. It used to autoload images into the post for FB and Recurpost, but both are just text now otherwise I might think it was some new FB thing.

Same issue here.

I tried linking to this image post - but never got an image on either Twitter or Facebook.

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Twitter too? I guess if it’s one it would be all of them. Really seems to be an issue on the Patreon end. Since this is a recent thing, maybe it’s something they’re already workin’ on.

It was really costing me time having to upload individually to my FB page, profile, Twitter, Recurpost, and tumblr. Dumb me finally realized I can make it a one time post on Recurpost and send it out to my two FBs and Twitter. Still doesn’t work quite the same or as fast, but it’s a little quicker than what I was doing. Anyone else have any workarounds to streamline this process to be more efficient and effective until they get it solved?

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I’m interested in all these automaticons as well, following this thread.

The ultimate would be to have Zapier or similar pick up new public posts on Patreon and then post to all social media (or even Recurpost for scheduled posting).

What exactly is Zapier? I read the post about it, but many words were used that I do not know. :sweat_smile:

It’s a tool for automating all kinds of things. You can do things like send an email if you get a twitter mention or if someone updates a spreadsheet, notifications in slack if you get an email that contains a certain word. It’s very easy to use and is very, very useful!

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Sounds neat! But I’d be out of my depth with that. I am nobody worth mentioning on Twitter; I think the number of retweets I’ve gotten this year I could count on one hand. Same goes with email. 99% is junk mail, which I can tell at a glance and just check once a day. I guess I’m not at a level I need something like that yet. But if it would help with streamlining Patreon posts, I’m all for it.

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