Anyone from twitch... ANYONE?

Hey all… um, I’m fairly new to this patreon stuff and was wondering if anyone would be able to help me out with this… place… :smile:


Well first off the topic of your post and the content normally are similar. If you want help on using this site, I can help :stuck_out_tongue:
If you just want to find people from Twitch, well that might be easier in the gaming category, though I guess there are non-gamers there now.

Any who, I don’t associate myself with twitch, nor do I work there. I just occasionally look through the place wondering about if I should watch someone, or not.


Yes I stream.on twitch nice to meet you . is where I am at. I also have a discord channel. more than welcome to join and advertise your stream in the designated channel :slight_smile:

See you there ! :slight_smile:

I’m totally from Twitch!

( so you know I’m not lying)

If you would like to add me, and then let me add you that’d be great! Message me if you have questions and I’ll try to help you out. I’m pretty fast when it comes to ideas and figuring out new things. Best of luck to you!


Yeah, I do some twitch streaming, though I’ve been very busy the past month (thesis/essay writing for my Bachelor’s Degree).

Following you and Maloki! see you both on Twitch and best wishes with your Patreon page.

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Thanks a lot ! Leave me your channel and I will also follow you.

Guys I also have a twitch team page Gamerselixir. Which is backed by a gaming news site if anyone is interested in joining and getting so extra promo. Please let me know !

Get Outlook for Android

and I’ll check out Gamerselixir too.

I followed you also :slight_smile:

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