API Lifetime Support Cents


Attributes: Lifetime Support Cents has a typo with a double-I so it reads “Liifetime Support” and it reports a 0 in the API.

Where have you encountered this?

Actually, it says “Liifetime suppor cents”

On Integromat, when selecting which API field I want to populate. It looks like this:

I believe it shouldnt put in the actual field name with the typo. Does it do that?

@CodeBard Well, let me put it this way, I thought the typo must be causing the issue, because the output is always 0, even when I confirm a user has a lifetime support value of greater than zero. I would like to pull this information but it results in 0 every time, as seen in this example.

Upon further checking, it looks like it is working for former patrons but not new supporters. So that value is transmitted when a patron removes their pledge but it does not appear for a new sign-up, despite using “charge upfront” which should mean all new supporters have at least a cent value of the minimum tier. Is it possible the api is being triggered before a payment is processed so that value is not added?

Do all your patrons have this situation of lifetime support cents being zero?

From what I can tell, new pledges show up as 0 for lifetime support, and removed pledged show the correct value for lifetime support. As for existing patrons, I’m not sure how I would check that as the api only triggers when a supporter adds, removes, or changes a pledge. Is there a way I can check that?

In the Patreon Relationship Manage the lifetime support value is reporting correctly for all patrons.

Ha! Then this is a situation with the webhooks then. Not with an api call that you are doing from the side of your application.

The webhooks are identical in both scenarios. So you believe this is an issue on Integromat’s end?

No, this may be a situation with the lifetime support of a new patron not yet being calculated at the time the hook triggers during new pledge. But it is potentially a deep issue and it must be investigated.

Oh I see. That would be great. Thank you for your help.

Yes, for that reason if you opened a support ticket at Patreon to have this issue better tracked, that would be great.