API URL abruptly started 403ing?

Hey, I have a little script that checks my URL “https://api.patreon.com/user/$mynumberhere” to monitor for certain changes, and just tonight it threw an error; I looked into it and my wget call to that URl is now returning a “ERROR 403: Forbidden.” This doesn’t happen when I visit the URL in a Firefox window, even a Private window in FF. The page loads normally. What gives? Are you banning wget?

The API is losing support. There have been threads and topics about that here.

I like commisseration as much as the next person, but in this thread I was hoping to have a conversation, ideally with Patreon staff, about a malfunction of their site. Or with anybody else who had noticed the same thing, or had not noticed the same thing yet, and maybe hear from anyone who figured out a solution or a work-around.

Does this situation still continue?

There was a minor issue with Patreon.com yesterday, this may have had an effect on the api as well.

All better now! Thanks!

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Great to hear!


You can check the status of Patreon services from status page above when your app has a hiccup. Any issue that appears for Patreon Website or Developer API on the list may affect your API-using app or website (like WordPress).

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