[APIv2] How do I get all data of tiers in campaigns or members? I want get full data of Tiers

How do I get all data of tiers in campaigns or members?

I’m use this endpoint: https://www.patreon.com/api/oauth2/v2/campaigns?include=tiers&fields[tier]=amount_cents,created_at,description,discord_role_ids,edited_at,image_url,patron_count,post_count,published,published_at,remaining,requires_shipping,title,unpublished_at,url,user_limit

And I API respons this small data:

  attributes: {},
  id: '5611185',
  relationships: {
    benefits: {
      data: [
        { id: '4798200', type: 'benefit' },
        { id: '4798206', type: 'benefit' },
        { id: '4798211', type: 'benefit' }
    tiers: { data: [ { id: '6208661', type: 'tier' } ] }
  type: 'campaign'

What can I do with the tier ids?

I also get a similar result when trying to get benefits

As i mentioned in developers forum, you need to call your own campaign with your own creator token, or call the api for campaign info of another Patreon user with a token to which the user has given permissions for it. PHP library and WP plugin call examples i linked in developers’ forum would help.

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@CodeBard Thanks, it’s work for me. My problem was that I tried to look at data in data.relationships.tiers, but I was need to look at included


your own creator token

Can you revoke it? And generate a new one?