App Audio Fixes 🔊

We just released a mobile app update that fixes bugs impacting the audio playback experience. Here’s a list of the bugs we fixed for the audio player on Android and iOS:

  • Patrons can easily fast-forward or rewind by dragging the slider.
  • When your phone goes to sleep, the Patreon audio player will no longer reset to the beginning. It will save your progress.
  • The play/pause icons and timestamps will now be accurate.
  • When applicable, patrons can download the audio from the Patreon app and listen to it on any audio player.
  • Artwork will display when audio is playing.
  • We fixed a bug that causes crashing when audio is playing.

Please note that you and your patrons will need to manually update your Patreon app to the most recent version (iOS v4.5.17 and Android v4.5.20) if you do not have auto-update enabled.

Thank you for your patience while we solved these issues. We’re very excited to improve the experience for you and your patrons when sharing audio files on the Patreon mobile app.

I think this is great. Thanks!

Today, I’m trying to post a new Audio Post, but every time I upload the file, the post shows 0:00 on the audio (which plays back perfectly on several other programs, so I know it’s there…) and I can’t figure out why it would do that. Is it a glitch in the Post type? I’ve searched for help. What do you recommend when we need quick tech support on-the-go? Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey @CelestialBlueMusic, for quick tech support the best option is to always write into the Patreon support team. They provide high quality help for all creators and patrons! they can be reached by going to and clicking on ‘send us a note’.