App Not Working for Anyone Else?

I have been trying to log into my app since yesterday afternoon and I keep getting a “Something went wrong!” error message. I’ve reached out to support but nothing (as usual >>) and uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Still getting an error message. And while the app is pretty much useless for creators I do use the notifications and alerts from it and if it’s down for me I’m assuming it’s down for my patrons, in which case unless they check their email they won’t know of new posts. Just very frustrated.


Patreon provides zero weekend support, something I find unconscionable for a global platform which needs 100% uptime (or as close as possible.

Which platform? iOS? Android? iPadOS?

It really is frustrating. And even support during the week is very much miss over hit (I reported they were having messaging issues in April and it took until two weeks ago for them to fix it after making it even worse, but I digress).

Apple iOS for this issue. It does seem to have resolved itself as about twenty minutes ago, although I had to send myself four different “verification” links as they kept telling me they had timed out. So between that and all of the Captcha stuff looks like a fun new wave of terrible site planning.

Thanks for responding :heart: At least someone is on here ;p

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