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Hey everyone! Patreon CEO and creator Jack Conte is launching another creator club! Want in? Applications are due Monday 6/21 by 12 noon PST! Read on for his announcement and the link to apply →

About a month ago I finished my first 12-week creator club. It was 6 creators + me, and we met every week for an hour to talk about our memberships, creative plans, and then it turned out… a lot more – like how to hire your first teammate, running your finances as a creator, setting sustainable work schedules, and community building. It ended up being like an hour of “how to creator” every week, and it was super fun and rewarding. Anyway, all that to say… I WANT TO DO IT AGAIN!! Wanna join me!? Danya and Emily have been helping me set up another program, and we’re going to launch in a couple weeks.

It’ll be 12 weeks, one hour per week, with each session being a deep dive into our plans to grow our memberships, tackle our businesses, and learn a whole lot about creative business building. I’ll share a lot of what I’ve learned over the years through my bands, Pomplamoose and Scary Pockets, through our biggest fails and hits, going through our financial statements, our planning documents, and how we’ve set up our creative businesses.

I’m looking for 6 creators to join me for the 12-week session, and in particular, I’m looking for folks who are eager to learn, wanting to grow, motivated to go for it, and passionate about connecting with and supporting other creators. If that’s you, then you can apply here:

Awesome sauce, thank you for reading this, and I hope to see you soon!

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REMINDER! Applications for Jack’s Creator Club are due Monday 6/21 at 12p PDT!
Apply here.