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Hey hey creators –

Last year, Jack’s band Scary Pockets was able to x3 their Patreon earnings in just a couple months. Seriously, here’s their earnings chart:

Now, @Jack_Conte wants to share what he learned with a small group of creators and help them DOUBLE their Patreon. So he’s starting his very own Creator Club :raised_hands:

If you’re interested, tell us why you want this. Write it, sing it, tape it, whatever works for you. Just make it consumable in under 5 mins. We’re accepting applications until Sunday 1/17!

Apply here → Join Jack's Creator Club

I really wish he would focus on fixing the platform. THAT is what creators need. We’ve said so repeatedly and are being ignored.


In all honesty, I get that you’re wanting to help everyone get the best they can as creators to our patrons, but in all honesty, I can almost guarantee that more patrons would stay and support their creators if you’d fix the website and actually listen to the creator community about the backend and frontend work.

This is great and all, but the priority really should be fixing the website first. Doing all this extra stuff means nothing if our patrons are miserable on the site or us creators can’t properly navigate and update things.

I’ve been seeing the same rotating names in these community boards, sometimes new names, but often left behind as they all, I’m sure, feel it utterly useless to even use these boards when we’re constantly ignored. I get you do your best, Reyna, as a person. I can respect that. It sucks that it seems like you’re the only one also that even reads these messages and hear everyone’s frustrations. But I don’t think, at this point, that they’re “forwarded to the rest of the team”. If they are, then the team must certainly think that it’s no issue. Which is sad.


Oops I missed the cut off date on this one. I’m excited for the results of it. Thanks for doing this Jack. The only thing I can do here to echo the cries of many frustrated creators. We need the bugs in the platform fixed. I have at least 5 patrons monthly (at the minimum) leaving because they can’t get the system to work.

It would also make it easier if we had a library to contain vast amounts of content. While I appreciate the search feature you added (and this has helped some) most of my patrons want a library because the search tool doesn’t work unless they get the title of the post perfectly right when searching.

Again, I’m so grateful to have this platform and love what Jack and the team does for us to continue to make it powerful and wonderful!

This thread highlights what is wrong with Patreon: its CEO.

Imagine if you heard that the CEO of Bank of America was starting a “Moynihan’s Club” where Brian Moynihan is going to personally help five or six BofA customers with their bank account every month.

If you are having trouble imagining that as something that might actually exist in reality, that’s because it would never exist in reality. The idea itself is absurd.

That your CEO thinks “Jack’s Creator Club” is a good way to spend his time is a serious problem.

Particularly if he is right.

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