April 2019 Review

Hey everyone! I’m going to provide a monthly update to cover the main things have happened at Patreon and are coming up. I’ve heard feedback from creators that it’s tricky having so many places to check for news from us; this way you only have one thread to come and check :slight_smile: Let me know if you have any other thoughts or suggestions.

Here we go!

1. Pick your own colors for your Patreon page :art:

Meet the creator brand color - a new way for you to customize your page! You can choose a custom color in your page editor and it will be applied to certain elements on your creator page like the “Become a patron” button and the “Join Tier” button. It will also be added to certain elements throughout the pledge flow for patrons. Keep in mind that the color must be within 3.5 WCAG recommendations for accessibility reasons, so if you choose a light color you will be prompted to pick a darker one.

2. Patreon now supports both SMS and TOTP two-factor authentication :lock:

This blog post discusses how to enable two-factor authentication and how it will help protect your account, plus we made a video you can watch too.

3. Open Studio :paintbrush:

It’s been a month since we launched Open Studio and we’ve been L O V I N G it. - a huge thank you for all your incredible feedback and willingness to take the time to discuss this with us. If you haven’t had a chance yet, take a peek at the preview of image galleries in posts.

4. Patreon Workshops :books:

Our Creator Success team offers live-streamed classes for new and established creators on Patreon. Each session focuses on a new topic to help you grow your business and even if the date has passed, you can still watch the replay. Don’t see a workshop that you’d LOVE? Send your requests to creatorsuccess@patreon.com.

5. Creator Pricing: May 7th :warning:

Remember our Creator Plans announcement? We’re letting you know the exact date: May 7th, 2019. Nothing changes for current creators and if you have friends thinking about Patreon, you might want to let them know the deadline. You can read our full and updated FAQ on this announcement here.

6. Hang Time: May 10th :sparkles:

Hang Time is our livestream hosted by Jack (ceo) and Taryn (not ceo). Register to join the live session or watch the replay.

Bonus: We won a Webby! :heart:

Honored to share that Patreon was chosen as the Webbys Winner for Websites: Community. This is truly a reflection of the passion and talent of our creators and patrons.


Thanks, Mindy; this is very helpful. I have a question about the Hang Times. I rarely have time to watch videos, so I’d like to check the Hang Times afterward if there is a list of topics covered and watch just the ones that would be the most relevant. How can you check on the Hang Times after they have occurred, and would the topics covered be listed? (Sorry, I’m really not conversant with Hang Time.) I keep meaning to try to check out the older ones but never know where to find them.

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Replays are available at the same link they were live at. (Also I believe currently, the topic list is only emailed out to those who RSVP, after it’s concluded. So make sure you RSVP even if you aren’t planning to make it to the live hang time.)

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Oh, so there isn’t any way to go back and see what the older ones covered? That’s a little confusing, that I have to RSVP to something I don’t intend to go to, just so I can see what was covered and if I miss doing it then I can never find out? Thanks for explaining that!

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You just find the link to the hang time and you can rewatch it anytime. The links get posted to a lot of places. Here, patreons Twitter, creator discord, etc. Its all pretty searchable.

It’s just the email that outlines what was said you need to RSVP for.


Hey @FutilityCloset, thanks for the question. @Temrin has it right - anyone can watch all the replays replays at any time, forever! However, if you do register for them by providing your email address (even if you can’t attend) you get added to our Hang Time email list and receive an email which has a full recap with timestamps linking to relevant discussion. Here’s a screenshot of the email we sent out for April’s Hang Time:

It also includes a link to register for next month’s Hang Time too :slight_smile: Let me know if that’s what you’re after or if it’s something else.


Thanks, I guess I hadn’t realized that you had to RSVP just to get the summary of what was discussed. I had somehow thought these summaries were posted somewhere so that we could check them later. Thanks for including April’s, and I will try to catch the announcements of the ones going forward so I can RSVP.

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That’s nice, but please still consider also supporting U2F, which is not only the most secure option but also the most convenient one since no manual entry of a number is required.

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