Are algorithms our bosses? πŸ€”

@tal, who works on the product team at Patreon, wrote this interesting piece about algorithms and what creators can do to free themselves from them.

Do you agree with the points raised? What have you done to beat the algorithms?


I agree that many of us do have algorithms for a boss, that is until you fire the boss. I have been a full time creator for about 2 years now and up until recently I’ve been following all the advice about using reaching more people by using various methods with social media, Amazon, YouTube, Google, etc. But then I found out that I was spending all my time working the algorithms and not creating. I could spend a day trying to tweak my website or social media pages to get more traffic to my site or I could just write an article for my site or work on my next book. I decided to fire the algorithms and just start writing and sharing my work and forget about trying to come up with new ways to get more traffic and fans. I think they call this β€œContent Marketing.” Let your content grow and your fanbase will grow with it, probably more so than by trying to cater to all the algorithms out there.