Are creators interested in hiring outside help?

Hey everyone! I’m Andrew, a three-time Patreon creator (MuggleCast, #Millennial, and a smaller project called Hype AM).

I currently run a website called Hypable, which is a daily news/feature website on the world of fandom, but I’m more passionate about Patreon. It’s an amazing way for creators to earn a living or making side income by doing more of what they love.

I’m also very business-minded, and recently I’ve been thinking about creating a small consultation business to help creators on YouTube, podcasters like myself, etc successfully launch a Patreon.

The goal would be to help creators figure out what their listeners/viewers would want out of supporting them, helping them build and launch the Patreon, and helping them continue to promote it. I’m also tentatively interested in helping them run their Patreon (shipping out rewards, for example) and advising them on managing the money side of it (taxes, etc).

I wanted to gauge interest here… Are you or anyone you know tentatively interested in such a service? It could either be a one-time fee or a longer contract. The goal would be to make fees for consulting a small percentage of what they’d be earning. Is this an idea that you think might have legs?

Hope I’m not stepping out of line here by putting this in the creator community. My purpose is to only see if this type of service is of interest to creators, or if I’m wrong in thinking people would be interested in it. I know Patreon doesn’t advise on dealing with taxes, and it can be a bit of a challenge to get the whole business up and running. It can also be daunting planning and building a Patreon when you don’t know if it’ll be successful or not, so I thought there could be an opportunity to do consulting work for creators.

Thanks for any feedback you may offer!

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I just posted a thread explaining my situation.
Im in need of a programmer who, depending on my patreon/personal savings, is keen to take 1 time fee or monthly. I know places where to get one etc, but yea… To answer your question. Im sure allot of people are looking for outside help. Its a matter of the Creators financial situations I would assume. also depending on what the creator is making.
I guess most of us are doing what we are doing cuz we love our works, myself included, the reason I would look for outside help however, is to finish up my Game sooner rather than later so I can jump on my next project :slight_smile:

As a comic artist I’m more on the starving artist side xD We’d sure love to get outside help, especially for web design, because making a personal site to host a series can be kind of hellish, but most of us don’t have the first penny to invest in practically anything as we’re trying to just cope with bills. We make do with bits and pieces!

I would certainly be grateful to have sound financial advice/support on an ongoing basis. My finances are currently based in the UK though, while I live in south Africa