Are there real contributors here?

All I see are robots! Are there real humans here?

Hello.I am Alexander Makarov writer and journalist. I live in Ukraine in the city of Odessa. I am 65 years old. Books are my main income.

I don’t even know how to respond to this lol. You can see genuine responses from people just by looking at threads here in the forums. xD

Unless I’m missing something like this is a meme or something that I’m not aware of.

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I scrolled the same threads available to you. The majority of posts are from robots. I have gotten one reply to this, a senior citizen who is new to the site! And your response…are you a human or a robot? I do not hear any human in your voice. I invite you to try again. Please convince me that you are not a robot because i do not remember being screened in the sign up process. That is a big red flag. And once I got accepted, I have only encountered one human - the senior who responded to this! Ridiculous!!!

¡Presente! :raising_hand_man:t2: :guitar:

Fascinating! I am a professionally trained flamenco dancer! I studied with Maria Benitez in Santa Fe as well as at the local community college in New Mexico. I started ballet and gymnastics at age 5 and completed my student status 25 years later. I am almost 49 now and have stopped dancing in public because of harrassment issues.

And I see that you just signed up! Well, that was to be expected…this site is hilarious!

Hey @Senorita_Bonita, welcome! I can assure you that everyone on this site is human :slight_smile: Especially @temrin who is one of our best contributors here! Please be sure to read our Community Guidelines as this forum is for friendly discussion and insights around being a Patreon creator.


I do not like to be lied to. Bye!

I don’t generally do this but… I have my suspicions too. (Also thanks Mindy. :heart: You are a sweetheart.)

Just because we don’t conform to what you consider to be a genuine human being doesn’t mean we aren’t being genuine and insinuating as such is extremely rude. I get it, “the internet is too fake for [you]” (your words from your intro post here) but I’m certainly not going to “take your invitation” to try again to sound more human to you when you come in here practically demeaning our existence here because we don’t hold up to your standards. Many of us are exhausted and tired of this world as you seem to be, but at least we don’t start a conversation being condescending. :thumbs-up:

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There’s an old Patreon saying:

“No creator in the world is 24/7 at the Community Forum, because of… creations!”

So, in short, you’ve asked something, couple of hours later there was no response, and… everything is a lie? (In fact, I’m new here, also, but - (ro)bot that sends first couple, or 3-4 private messages, is just here to encourage you to be part of this community).

I’m writing history books, but I’m getting inspiration for a new one. It’s about nice, polite and talented girl, from Santa Fe academy, who was on the verge of living her dream, but public harassment hurt her, (and hurt her so bad, as all harassment do to the people) - that she became suspicious of all human beings. But, one day, her life suddenly changed (for better) - when some random people, from all around the world, brought her smile back.

Because… they are - people.

And people can, and should, and mostly like - to do just that.

So, dear Senorita_Bonita… As much as we feel sorry for those harassment issues, our wish for you to feel better and, generally speaking - well and satisfied, is a bit stronger. Take care in these difficult times and… don’t lose your hope in people. Most of them are quite okay. You’ll see. Here, for example. When you experience that… Well, sooner or later, it will be just like in some fascinating flamenco melody.

Cheers from Serbia, Europe.


How do I cancel this? Where is the “unsubscribe” option? I posted this as a test and the result - Do not post here or you will get attacked with lies! STOP!