Are you incorporating a milestone goal into your special offer?

In going through the Plan & Prep worksheet, I’m questioning whether or not I want to incorporate a milestone goal (for me it would probably be $1,500, a jump of ~$340) into my special offer promotion. I’d love to hear about whether or not you’re planning to work a milestone goal in, and what that milestone is!

  • How much $$ in pledges will you need to gain during the special offer to hit that goal?
  • What will your Patrons get if you hit it?
  • How are you working it into your marketing and/or how does it tie into your special offer?

Now I’ll ramble about my personal circumstance for a minute — feel free to skip this part and just weigh in with your own perspective if you like :slight_smile:

I see the value of including a milestone goal: You motivate people to pledge not just for the reward, but also to help achieve a meaningful goal. It creates a sense of urgency and makes people feel invested in your success. All my previous Patreon marketing pushes have been oriented around milestones, so I totally get it. But I’m not 100% sure what to offer if that milestone is reached. I’ve reached a point with my Patreon where an increase of that size would mostly just benefit my speed and scale of production, which isn’t a very “sexy” goal to push towards. If I wanted to offer something more substantial, like a more regular YouTube upload schedule or an equipment upgrade, I think I’d need to set a larger goal, and tbh $340 already feels pretty dang large for this time period and a special offer set at the $5 level.

My only other thought is that I could offer a one-time reward if that milestone is hit. For example, I wasn’t planning on making a Halloween music video this year, but since my special offer is Halloween themed, maybe I could offer one up as the milestone goal reward. But I’m also afraid of making the whole special offer too complicated and diluting the message I’m trying to send.

I’m hoping that hearing about your plans will help me clarify my own thoughts and worries! Thanks in advance for weighing in.


Is the point of the milestone goal to pick a goal you may or may not make? (Obviously we hope for “may”, but…)

I had interpreted it differently, as in, I’m putting out the special offer in response to a milestone that I just reached. In my case if I went this way I could do a year on Patreon (I think I launched in August but didn’t really publicize until September), but I may go with 150 patrons instead (I’m at 154, and previously did a 100-patron bonus).

It’s interesting to add the urgency of “help me make this goal!” but then I’d have to worry about whether I actually do, and where to set the bar so it’s neither too easy nor too hard.

Oops, sorry, I should’ve been clearer! I was specifically talking about the portion of the week 2 worksheet where it says “What new goal will I be able to hit or new project can I complete with new patrons?”

I know some people are doing their special offer to celebrate a milestone! I was just curious if anyone was using an upcoming milestone to motivate people to participate in the special offer. That question on the worksheet seems to be suggesting that part of marketing your special offer can be telling your followers that pledging will help you hit a larger goal.

I’m approaching this a little differently in that my biggest idea for a Special Offer (pending the poll results from my current patrons) was to do a one-off example of The Inky Valkyrie Book Club that I’m also offering as the next unlockable milestone.

So if I do bring in $100+ from this campaign, we will unlock doing the Book Club events (haven’t decided yet if this will be text-based, a video, audio or what, figuring that out this week) as a regular two-monthly feature. If I bring in $200+ it becomes a monthly feature.


Ooh, that’s very clever!! And sounds like it would be easy to explain, since the special offer and the milestone goal are basically the same thing.

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i’m thinking this whole special offer in a way to lure new people into patreon. my average pledges r very high.
so i am emphasising a lot of value on the 5 dollar pack. so it is really easy for people to try it out n see.

also i do a video per a day on youtube.
i will change my intro n add a little reminder clip in the middle of the video to remind people of it.

part of this campaign will start to do podcasts and creating urgency by telling people if they signup this month they get to vote on the first topic and see it still l this month.

later on i hope that many of these who join on the 5 “lite” tier will enjoy the content and hop to the 20 dollar full tier.

ginnydi i watched ur music videos today, really funny. i’m keeping an eye on ur special offer n probably will grab that deal :smiley:


Yes, my livestream weekly video is my first goal, and I am only two patrons away, so I will make it my goal for the special offer.

What do you want to create next? Is there a target that would motivate you?


That’s a good question! Most of the things that I’m interested in doing that I’m not already doing will require a more significant increase than I think I can achieve during this period… but maybe I can try and think smaller and just do a little brainstorming on what interests me. I do tend to think more about my Patrons than myself.

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I’ve been using this focus on my Patreon for the special offer to also reassess what my goals are, in the past/at the moment they were/are either extra rewards or a patreon focused day - but they’ve been a bit unfocused and I want to create a stronger Narrative for my Patreon Story and feel my goals should reflect this… I’m still figuring it out but hope to have it ironed out and updated before launch.

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Reading this thread was very helpful. Thank you all! @ginnydi, you said something very key…that most of the things you are interested in doing will require a more significant increase than this special offer will realistically provide. I feel that sharing my bigger vision with my patrons is very useful. They know, then, that every special offer I do is just a step in that direction. This means that in my commentary, whether I meet my milestone goal or not, they feel my enthusiasm no matter what because I’m inching closer and closer. It is useful for me to have my patrons see my bigger picture so they know they are going on a grand journey with me! This is something they will want to invest in, no matter what my current numbers are.

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That is a REALLY good point, and something I feel a little silly for not thinking of — I’m so worried about whether or not I can present a goal that’s clear-cut and exciting that I sometimes don’t think about just being honest and saying “hey, this is one of many steps that we’re taking together towards bigger things.” Thanks for the perspective!

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@ginnydi Oh I’m SO happy that was helpful for you! I definitely feel your enthusiasm for your creations. It’s coming right through. :slight_smile:

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YES! I agree completely here. Providing larger context for your patrons, and giving them a really solid sense of WHY their continued pledge is valuable and helps you get to your next goals is key! I think it really helps with retention as well when patrons feel connected to a strong understanding of why they’re pledging, not only what they’re getting in return.

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By the way, I hit my milestone goal yesterday! I was only three patrons away, but I’d been hovering there in the gain one/lose one camp for months. I’m so excited to finally make it! I’ll launch my first weekly livestream on YouTube this Friday!


Congrats @nancy.shanteau! That’s so exciting!!

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