Are you planning anything for your patrons for the holidays?

Can you believe the holidays are just about here?!

I’d love to hear what special plans you have for your patrons for the holidays!

Whether it’s exclusive merch, a special offer, a virtual show, a postcard, ect. – thread it here. I’m hoping we can share ideas and help creators that aren’t so sure about what special holiday thing they can do.

And in case you missed it, last week we hosted an awesome Workshop: Use the holidays to give your membership a boost where Laura shared past holiday special offers creators have done.


I am planning on doing another special offer for the holidays and I’m going to offer digital artwork that states “Welcome New Patron!” that features a character from a TV series or a movie. I’m hoping that this could grab people’s attention.


I sent my patrons a holiday card that uses the Korean calligraphy style that they’ve been seeing me work on over the past 3 months. All tiers will receive one.


I write to patrons of certain tiers every month. This month I sent an extra lil Christmassy note thanking them for their support. Hoping next year I might have the funds to send notes to everyone over Christmas, not just the higher tiers, but it wasn’t possible this year.

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Since I had surgery and am now sharing my home (so I no longer can just shoot photos & videos when/where I please), I’m re-releasing past holiday goodies. I polled my Patrons and they don’t seem to mind. :slightly_smiling_face: Many of them are new so they’ve never seen this content before and it works out.

Normally I would shoot photos and a video or two in some festive lingerie with my tree.

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I gave my patrons an exclusive offer for 40 percent off of services with me (one on one) at my website.

@dekilah Yesss, love recycling content and benefits! New patrons will love it and recurring patrons will enjoy a new twist on something familiar! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

@PamelaAaralyn What a holiday deal! Do you mentor patrons? Mentorship is something we’ve been exploring, I’d love to chat and learn more about how you’re doing this!

@sarah.taylor this is so cool! do you have an image you can share with us? I’d love to see what that calligraphy looks like.

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@reyna Yes I’ve been a spiritual teacher for 20 years. I’ve mentored for about half of that time and brought over 80 percent of my clientele to my Patreon page. I had no idea if they’d come, but they did! We love it! The Christmas package I offered was 40 percent off for one on one mentorships to anyone who joins or is already a member. The offer has a deadline for booking by the end of December. It’s been an open offer for four days now and I’m 90 percent booked.

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Every year, I design a postcard that sort of reflects the main theme of my work that year, and mail it to my patrons. These went into the mail yesterday morning:


Wow! Beautiful!

I’m a photographer and every month I send small prints to higher tiers. For year end, I sent everyone a print, with a short letter thanking them for their support and wishing them great things in 2021. This is what this year’s “wishes card” looked like:

Ready to be mailed:
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