“Ask Me Anything” with Kati Morton, Youtuber and Licensed Therapist

Hi, Everyone! I’m part of Grow and Convert, the team that’s helping Patreon with some of their blog content.

Late last year, we published this story on Kati: Youtuber and licensed therapist Kati Morton on how to care for your mental and emotional health as a content creator

Kati’s YouTube channel, with 300,000+ subscribers, is a resource for those seeking information about mental health.

Kati left two part-time jobs to dedicate more time to YouTube. And she’s a lisenced therapist So she understands the psychological roller coaster of being a creator.

@kati.morton is here to answer any questions you may have about her journey, YouTube, dealing with fans, or anything else! Just add a comment below and Kati will respond when she can over the next few days. Thanks!


I am so excited to be here! Just hoping to offer any insights to other creators out there trying to balance it all.


Hi Kati, so glad you’re here!

There’s a popular thread going about setting boundaries with patrons who are a little too familiar/weird or who assume that just because they’re paying a couple dollars per month they should have unlimited access to your time.

For creators who are trying to balance boundaries with not banning away all their income, do you have any insight to add to the conversation?


Yes! Definitely! I created some videos about this… here’s one: https://youtu.be/8ME4NZ9Cjbs
but I think communication is key. As long as we let our Patrons know what they can expect, they won’t be let down or upset. Also, just reminding them that we are human too and can only do so much each and every day :slight_smile:


I like what you say about spaces in the video! Thank you!

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Of course :slight_smile: Glad it was helpful!

Hi @kati.morton! I’d love to hear a little bit about growing your channel audience on YouTube. I realize that different audiences/platforms will vary, but I’m very curious how important the following two strategies were to you, especially in growing fom 1,000 to 100,000 subscribers.

  1. Collaborations - The advice to do collaborations to build an audience seems great in theory, but in practice I find it quite challenging. (Both to find other creators that would be a good fit/are willing to collaborate, and to arrange the time to do a collaborative video).

  2. Promoting on other channels/social media - You currently have pretty big followings on facebook and twitter - this may be a “chicken and the egg” question where twitter/facebook/YouTube growth were all interconnected, but do you feel that facebook and/or twitter were instrumental in finding your audience? Any particular strategy that was helpful to you with social media?

I realize that last question in particular is a big open-ended one, but if there’s anything that comes to mind, I’d love to hear what you think! Thank you!


Hi @ScienceMom! Thanks for your question. Here are my thoughts/answers:

  1. Collaborations have been key to the growth of my channel. I would honestly say that it’s the only way to hack the growth of anything we do online. It opens you up to a whole new audience and I would be lost without my collabs. Although it is important that you only collab with people who share similar goals and/or have a similar type of channel. Those collabs give us the most growth. So make sure you are well matched :slight_smile:
  2. I think it’s always good to be diversified since algorithms are always changing and people have a preference of where they spend their time. YouTube growth has always grown my others socials, but utilizing other platforms tools (like uploading directly to Facebook & doing livestreams on Facebook as well as YT and Insta) will ensure that people find you and helps you use the algorithm to your benefit.
    I hope that all makes sense and is helpful!
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Thanks so much @kati.morton. Those are helpful thoughts. Although, I have to say – I think part of me was hoping you’d say that collaborations weren’t very important/useful. I’ve found them to be so challenging!

I’ve sent a handful of requests to large channels that I see as being well matched with what I do (science education) as well as being run by people who I know live close to me geographically. I’ve taken time to put together thoughtful proposals (sending a pitch and rough outline of the script/video idea rather than just sending a “hey, wanna collab sometime?” message) and try to tailor the proposals to being ideas that I think would be genuinely useful/interesting to them. All of that takes quite a bit of work, and so far I haven’t had any responses.

The large channels are SO much bigger than me (Science Mom has 1,500 subscribers right now), that I can see that they don’t have much incentive/interest in tapping into my audience. Plus, time is precious and I know the reality for most YouTubers is “I have more video ideas I want to make than I have time to make them.”

So after a few rounds of no response from the well-established/large channels (ranging in size from 100,000 to 2 M subscribers), I tried to find science education channels that were similar in size to mine, and I couldn’t believe how hard it was. I spent hours searching and kept coming up with the same “too big” channels. Occasionaly I’d find what looked at first glance to be a good match, but then I’d see they hadn’t posted anything in over a year, or that they lived in Europe. There have got to be some 1,500-subscriber-size science education YouTube channels out there who would be interested in collaborating, but how do I find them?

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In all honesty, the best way is to meet people in person, get to know them a bit and then collab. VidCon, Playlist, YouTube events have all helped me meet other creators and get to know them first. VidCon even has mentorships that helped me a lot. But overall just interacting with the community helps. For years I paid for tickets to every event, went to every party in order to meet other creators that I was interested in collaborating with. I know it’s quite the investment, but I didn’t have any success any other way.


That’s helpful advice. Thank you!

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Of course! Happy to help :slight_smile: