"Ask Me Anything" with the GetVokl team

Hi, Everyone!

I’m Alex and part of the GetVokl team! Our integration with Patreon allows you to host exclusive live-video events for your patrons.

We love to help Patreon Creators have more interactive relationships with their patrons. Not only do these live-events build community with and amongst your fan base, we’ve seen Patreon Creators boost their patronage by up to 20% with just a single event :astonished:
We’d love to help more creators repeat this success! So here we go with our first ever AMA session…

Here are some of the questions we get asked all the time:

Q1: What does it cost?
A1: It’s free. True story :blush:

Q2: What kind of events does GetVokl support?
A2: You can do a live performance, host a Q&A session, offer a behind the scenes peek or just hang out with your patrons.

Q3: What technical setup is required?
A3: GetVokl is available on web browsers and iPhone or Android Apps. All you need is a camera, a microphone and a decent internet connection to get started.

Q4: How can my patrons join the event?
A4: You can share a link with your patrons. They can then sign into GetVokl using their Patreon credentials on a web browser or the mobile apps.

What else would you like to know? We’ll keep this AMA open at least until the end of this week. So ask away. You can also find more info here.

Have a wonderful week everyone and look forward to hearing from you!


How hard is it to get remote podcast guests involved from a technical perspective? And, also, do I then get to download the audio/video. Considering as an alternative to Crowdcast or Zoom…


Hi Nate, it’s rather simple. Your remote guest can use either our web platform on Chrome or Firefox or the mobile apps to join you. It’s important that they have a decent internet connection though and no crazy background noise. Currently anyone using GetVokl has to sign up. That’s something we’re considering changing in the future. And yes, you’re able to download either MP3 or MP4 files of your recording. Did I mention GetVokl is free?

What about Crowdcast or Zoom makes you consider an alternative?

Let us know if there’s anything else you’d like to know.


How does GetVokl make money?

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Hi Joe,
We will continue to offer our platform to creators for free. We’re planning to roll out features that allow creators to monetize their content of which we’d take a cut. We’ve not started that yet.

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Do you allow 18+ creators to use your platform? If so, what are the guidelines? I’ve been searching for something to do lingerie and hosiery streams, but it’s so difficult to find platforms that are open to non-porn nudity.


Hi Dekilah, we’re open to NSFW creators, not porn though. Essentially we have the same stance on this as Patreon so any creator permitted on Patreon should be good on our platform as well. We do ask NSFW creators to use the NSFW hashtag on our platform though. That helps users toggle NSFW content on or off in their GetVokl feed. Of course it’s always up to you if you want to make your stream public or restrict access to your Patrons. You can also check out Tara’s testimonial here: https://about.getvokl.com/testimonials . Hope this helps.


Thanks for the info, Alex! I like to livestream my podcast recordings to patrons, so Zoom doesn’t work for that. Crowdcast does, but the price is prohibitive. Saying that, I deeply enjoy using Crowdcast and feel very loyal to them for the service they provide :grin:

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