At this point, it is just insulting

Seriously. At this point it feels like Patreon is rubbing it in that they don’t consider per-creation creators to be “creators” at all anymore.

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Hi friend,

There are a lot of places that can do merch fulfillment for you outside of Patreon (try a search for ‘merch drop shipping’). The great thing is they don’t have an additional 3% monthly fee on top of the item cost, so you actually save (potentially) a lot of money versus Patreon’s solution.

So don’t let this stop you from doing merch if you really want to do merch :slight_smile:

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Aren’t we all really just doing all of Patreon’s heavy-lifting anymore? I mean, what is this site? Their Owen lawsuit fallout is gonna be bad news, yo…

It’ll hit their bottom line, but generally speaking, nobody has a right to be on Patreon. If the arbitrator decides Patreon tortuously interfered in a contract, liquidated damages are the remedy, not the restoration of the account that was removed.

Bottom line - it might cost Patreon some money to pay for arbitration, and maybe some damages, but that’s it. And they amended their TOS to remove any chance of something similar happening in the future.

Hey @DysonLogos. I know this was addressed during the Merch for Membership workshop already, but I wanted to reach out again and apologize for the wording in our Merch messaging. Patreon as a company should be more careful and we appreciate that you’ve pointed this out.

I’d love to connect with you to talk through how Patreon can improve messaging, product features, ect. for you and per-creation creators. I sent you a DM a few weeks ago and follow up just now. Happy to chat whenever you’re available.

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