Attachment Upload Error

Any else having problems lately with uploading attachments? I’ve been trying to post some new digital art resources for my patrons, but keep getting a red X on the uploads. I also just noticed I forgot to wait long enough for the upload arrow to disappear on an earlier resource pack I’d shared with patrons and have been trying to add it in and get the same problem. All files are below the 512mb limit, but, for some reason, they won’t upload correctly. It’s super frustrating. Help please?

Side issue, it would be really helpful if Patreon would add a ‘preview post’ option so that we can check that everything is in correctly without having to publish or save as a draft first.


I just tested a draft and didn’t notice any issues. Sometimes logging out and back in can fix things, if you haven’t tried that yet. I’m using Chrome though, not sure what browser you’re using.

Would also love a preview draft ability. So glad Ko-Fi has that, it’s been super helpful :slight_smile:


Thanks! I’ll give that a try if the current upload attempt fails again. They’re big files (two are over 300mb, and another is over 200mb), but I’ve uploaded larger before without having this issue. Not sure what’s going wrong now. I’m also using Chrome.

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Ugh, tried logging out and back in and it still didn’t work :frowning: . I’m now seeing if splitting the files into smaller ones will work instead (even though the original files were still under the size limit).


Well, so far, both parts of one split file have uploaded, now to try and get both parts of the second file to upload or see if I have to post that one separately. This really is ridiculous though to have to split the files when they are under the size limit. The first file I tried to upload was a combined file of everything and, that time, I did get a message saying the file was too big and what the size limit was, but each attempt since with files over 100mb smaller than the max have been glitching.

It worked! All files have finally uploaded successfully and I’ve saved the post as a draft so that I can share it tomorrow. Still weird as they should have uploaded before, but at least they finally did upload.