Attachments in messaging

Is there a plan to provide the option to attach a file in Patreon messaging to my patrons? I just wanted to send a bonus to one of my patrons privately, and had to leave my browser, find her email address, and create an email with attachments to send her two images, which could have been swiftly done in Patreon, without disrupting my workflow.

It would be such a great advantage to have this basic function to attach a file, whether a PDF, JPG, MP3 or anything else, to send it directly to a patron.

Any chance this is coming to us soon Patreon? It does seem such a basic function everywhere else I operate online.

My dream scenario would be MailChimp integration. :slightly_smiling_face: But just to be able to message with a file added right now would be so helpful!


Hi @Ando, thank you for the post. This is a popular feature request, especially a MailChimp partnership, and I’ve passed it onto the team.

As a workaround in the meantime, have you tried using a free image host, like Imgur, so you could send an image link to someone on Patreon? You could delete the image once they have confirmed they’ve downloaded it or made their own copy to prevent the link from being widely shared.

I’d love to hear what other creators to do get around this too!

Hi Mindy,

Thanks, but that’s not a great solution for me. My process and subject are based on simplicity. I’m a Zen poet. :slightly_smiling_face:

I particularly would like to be able to send attachments such as PDFs and audio privately too.

I’ll wait to see what you do next. Hoping for the additional features. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello, I’d like to suggest a patreon feature that make it able to attach an image or a pdf in a Private Message so we can use PM to distribute rewards for a few selected patrons, in addition to post or emailing them the rewards individually.
Posting rewards in post can be abused by fraudulent patron who just sign up and not paying even though charge as pledged is activated. Having able to attach files in PM would make it easier to select multiple patrons who paid and send them the rewards via PM. I know we can send them a link to google drive download, but that link can be easily shared and abused if posted somewhere public. Just a thought that this feature would be nice.


Thanks for the request, @modrawmanga! I moved it to this thread so you can see the other discussions around it.

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I’m still all in for this feature request, and could surely make good use of the ability to attach any file (.jpg, .pdf, .mp3, etc) to a private message to a patron.

Thanks and love, Patreon is changing my life and work,

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Oh, yes! This would my one of my tiers -so-much easier! One of my tiers (and the tiers above it), get first-dibs on some of my testing calls. The ability to send pdfs by Patreon Message would make this -so- much easier, since not all patrons who are eligible are interested in that particular test.

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