Audio file size limit increased to 512MB 🎧!

Good news for those of you wanting to upload longer podcast episodes, higher quality tracks or any other type of audio. We’ve increased the file size limit from 200MB to 512MB per file. No more splitting up your audio or compressing your files.

Happy uploading!


Fantastic - I do really long podcasts! ;-D

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This is fantastic. Thank you!

One comment/feature request/feedback item I’d like to add here is that since the audio file uploads don’t allow .aif, I can’t share high-quality audio with metadata. It does allow MP3 so that does contain metadata, but if it’s lossless, it seems to only allow .wav files, which can’t have metadata (in general terms this means if someone downloads it, it won’t come with the Artist, Song Title, etc. it will be generic like those old bad pirated audio files of yore). Would be most excellent if the .aif file type was allowable.


Thanks for adding this feedback @CelestialBlueMusic! I’ll be sure to take it back to the team. :slight_smile:


Thanks so much for doing this! My podcasts are 5/6 hours long and Ive been squashing the quality to 64kbps to make them fit. Appreciate the change and for listening to feedback :slight_smile: Thanks

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Yay for not squashing audio files any more! :raised_hands: