Audio podcast playback glitch in Safari


I’ve noticed that there seems to be a playback glitch for my patrons when uploading my podcasts.

At first, I thought it might just be on my Apple computer(s) but a new patron has just shown me that he can’t play them on his iMac either.

Here are the common circumstances:

  • I upload .wav files of my patron-only podcasts;
  • When I click the ‘play’ button, the podcast stalls after the first few seconds when using Mac’s Safari web browser;
  • The podcast plays fine when clicking the orange hyperlink to the file instead of the play button (this isn’t the instinctive thing to do);
  • The podcast plays fine via the Patreon app

Any thoughts appreciated…

— Jack

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Hey @Jack, thanks for the post and sharing the feedback. We do understand that our podcast player has room for improvement! Please encourage the patrons who experience the glitch to write into Patreon support so they can troubleshoot the issue effectively . It also helps the team keep track of these issues, monitor if an issue is getting worse, and bring the feedback directly to the teams who work on them.

Using the RSS feed might be an option too for you and them.

I have the exact same problem. Anything I upload on the audio player works for 5 seconds, and cuts (under Safari). Any improvement planned on this problem ? It’s kind of crucial for us as patrons-only podcasts are part of our third Tier and clicking the Mp3 file directly is rather counter-intuitive. Cheers, Hugo


I’ve noticed an odd cut off length for the mp3 file’s playtime. If the file is under 20 minutes to play, it can do so just fine. Over 20 minutes, and I get exactly these problems @jack has described, and I usually download and play it on Quicktime instead.

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Hi @hugo1 and @Th_Mole for this kind of bug or technical issue, please write into our support team at and click “send us a note”. That way the team can collect all the info they need and keep track of how many people are experiencing this issue. Thank you so much!

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Hi Hugo,

One workaround in the meantime seems to be clicking on the link to the file itself rather than the ‘play’ button in the player.

I only realised recently that clicking on the file link opens a different looking player in a new window and the podcast then plays fine in Safari.

Hope this helps,

— Jack

PS This might be useful for @Th_Mole too :+1:t2:

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