Batch edit old posts?

Hi, is there still no way to batch edit old posts on Patreon? I see this problem has been discussed before.

I just created a new tier in between a couple of old ones, and all the previous posts are unavailable for the new tier. I have to go in manually on each post to fix this, which is … not possible since I post like 7-10 times a week and there are tons of posts I have to edit manually… This is just hopeless.

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This has been a requested feature since they changed how tiers work. I don’t see it happening any time soon. This is also why most of us have been avoiding, if possible, changing/adding our tiers. :confused:

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Oh well… I just made a post in the new tier with the most important of the previous rewards made available as downloadable zip files. Not a perfect solution, but the best can do, I think.

I actually thought creating a new tier in between existing ones would be a smooth operation. I really hope Patreon does something about this!

Don’t count on it. They’ve ignored the most important feature requests posted here for the past three years (or longer).