"Become a Patron" lozenge image

Hello, could you make a downloadable image available for the “Become A Patron” button that has the lozenge shape and text sharpness of the button itself? The downloadable image on your Brand page – https://c5.patreon.com/external/logo/become_a_patron_button@2x.png – isn’t lozenge-shaped and is very low-res, and the button isn’t included in the Brand Assets download. What I’d like to do is incorporate the “become a patron” button into a larger image that includes a photo of me and a line or two of text about why people should join me on Patreon, which links to the same thing as the “become a patron” button, which I could then put on my website homepage (I already have the “become a patron” button there, but it’s not very prominent) and pin to the top of my social media feeds.

Since it’s just a shape with text on it, you could probably make what you need with any online image creation tool like Canva or PicMonkey.

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Hi @Sarah_McQuaid, thanks for reaching out! We prefer if creators didn’t alter the Patreon logo or official word mark, to uphold the brand guidelines. You can download all of the brand assets available to creators and read the brand guidelines here: https://www.patreon.com/brand

Hope this helps!

Yeah, that’s not what they were asking about. When you go to a creator’s page there’s an (orange in my case) lozenge button that just says Become a Patron. It’s that clickable button. It’s not branded.

Hi @reyna, as @Subguide points out, I’m not looking to alter the logo in any way! I was just looking for a downloadable high-res version of the lozenge-shaped “Become a Patron” button that you already offer as a widget. Thank you so much!

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Oh, I see!! So sorry - that’s what I get for moving too fast :sweat_smile:I’ll check with the team if this is something we can get you. Stay tuned!

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Thank you so much, Reyna!

Sarah McQuaid