"Become a patron" plugin or widget for Wordpress


This is a feature request for a simple Wordpress plugin that would add a “become a patron” button or something similar at the bottom of every blog post. Kind of like Webtoons has the Patreon button after each comic.

I’ve added a button in the sidebar of my site but I don’t know if there’s a simple way to add one after the content as well without editing my theme templates. I have a lot of blog posts so a plugin that could do that for me would be the easiest solution.
There’s an unofficial plugin that seems to do just that but I’m not sure if I trust it enough to use it: https://wordpress.org/plugins/patron-button-and-widgets-by-codebard/

Are there any other plugins out there that do this?


Yes, this, 10,000%.

But not just for wordpress. It’d be really nice to have some kind of integration more fully between patreon and other platforms, let us more directly connect folks between our own website or wordpress and the patreon system to control access across the board through it.


One possible solution to my own problem I described is using Reusable Blocks in Wordpress. Blocks are new WP feature and basically you can create bits of content and save them as a Reusable Block and then use that content in any other post or page.

The cool thing is that when you update the block, it will update it everywhere you’ve used it.
The problem is still having to manually insert that block to every post but it’s better than nothing.

I forgot to add the image of how I used the Reusable Blocks.

I just made a two column block and added a button which takes people to my Patreon page.


Codebard is what’s usually used, they’re very tightly integrated with the Patreon official wordpress plugin (https://www.patreon.com/apps/wordpress)

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I have become a patron widgets in sidebars on some of my WP sites, built using the stock Custom HTML widget.


I use this one: Patreon Button, Widgets and Plugin by CodeBard You can see it in actions on my blog: http://keepsakecrafts.net

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