Benefits automatically added to tier descriptions?

I keep hearing reports from users who are trying to remove the automatic benefit descriptions from their tier descriptions. They’re saying it looks ugly.

Is there a way out of this? Is this some kind of A/B test? Something rolled out only to newer campaigns? As someone who runs a ‘general support’ campaign, I’m worried about my tier descriptions suddenly looking stupid with:

  • General Support

…at the bottom of each one. What’s the point of this change? I’m quite happy writing my own copy, I don’t need a robot to structure it for me.

Any information would be useful.

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Um, I don’t think it’s visible to patrons and non-members. It’s just in the dashboard area for sales tax tracking purposes. It looks ugly, but lucky for us, it’s just on the creator side.

Actually it’s not.
The ugly look also shows when you are not a patron of an account that’s created after that implementation (or an account that’s adjusted the tiers after the implementation) as you can see here (I have no patrons yet, so I know you’ll see it as a visitor)

I’ll do you one better:
My first tier on my writing account is in essence a donation tier. I literally say:
Thank you for your support! I highly appreciate it!

Because I haven’t made any changes to the tiers yet and my account was created last year, it still showing only my tier description.
If and when I decide to change a tier, that tier automatically gets the tax list under it. I know, cause that’s exactly what I was told by support when I asked them about this specific subject.
I assume, when I change my currency thing (which for some reason I still can’t do cause the opt in doesn’t seem to do anything), the tiers will all be seen as changed and thus my first tier (in which I absolutely give NO SUPPORT AT ALL. I explicitly give support in higher tiers) will show as a REWARD (or benefit):
General support.

And there’s nothing I can do about that…

It’s supposedly giving more clarity to the patrons. I’d like to state that it gives more confusion instead.

So far the feedback has been sent to the engineering team… whatever good that will do…

Ah. I didn’t know that as I’m a old timer and I guess I’m grandfathered into the view without all that tacky stuff.

:smiley: That’s the “benefit” of having an old account (set up last year) AND a new account (set up a few months ago). That’s when I saw it… So weird to see…

So… @Pau (or whomever can pick this up), how do you suggest we describe our tier benefits in such cases as described above?

Example 1:
Tier 1: 1 euro pledge

This is essentially a donation. Patron doesn’t receive anything AT ALL. Patreon in its infinite wisdom suggests we need to have a tax benefit and suggests General Support.
BUT… We DO NOT GIVE any support on said tier. We give support on other tiers. However, Patreon, again in its infinite wisdom, shows the tax division purpose named “General Support” as a (seemingly) REWARD in the published tier description! This is VERY CONFUSING for Patrons. What support are they receiving when we creators, in our own description, say nothing about any support they might receive???

Example 2:
All tiers are support tiers, cause it’s all considered donations and thus all General Support.

Please let the engineering team remove the tax benefits from the tier descriptions IMMEDIATELY

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