Benefits Feature Request: Track Non-Monthly

Hi @Patreon people!

I love the benefits tracking system but there is a big problem for me which is I can only choose ‘once a month’ or ‘one off’ for my benefits. I have some benefits that I need to track every other month and also every three months. This is tricky and involves a spreadsheet. Could you please just edit it so that those of us who want to have more flexibility with the reminders can do so? This would be AMAZING! I imagine it’s not a very hard edit to add these options to it.

Thank you!


Hi @artbyemilyhare! thanks so much for the feature request. We understand that creators use Patreon in a variety of creative ways. Can you give more detail about what you’d like for benefits? What are you giving every other month or every 3 months? Is it physical or digital? Who gets it? What would you like benefit tracker to do?

Thanks so much!

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Basically my ‘once every two months’ benefits are print ones (so I have to send someone a print every other month) (at $10 and a $20 tier) and then there is a big special one for original art at $65 where they get their original after 3 months pledging. The big one isn’t as hard as there are only two spaces and so it’s fairly easy to track, but for the prints it’s VERY hard because there isn’t an upper limit and so there’s a lot of people to track when they join at different times.

It would be great if when I’m setting the benefit tracker that I can set it to ‘every two month’s’ rather than just once a month or a one off as it is at the moment. Or just have the option to set it for every six month’s even. Does that make sense?


I would also like more options. I send postcards every other month so I can’t use benefits tracking. :slight_smile:

I would also like to create benefit tracking for like a specific month or a period, kind of like the Special Offer event is. For example, every time when I publish a new zine, I wanna be able to track who gets it. I don’t put out zines on a regular schedule but it would be helpful to track the distribution when I’m ready to send them out.


Yes, I second this! I send stickers out every 3 or 6 mos and I would love a way to track that.


Yes please!! I have been using a spreadsheet to keep track of some benefits after I made a mess trying to use “one offs” for a benefit that I actually deliver once per year.

I send a postcard one time per year, I digitally distribute an album pretty much once per year, and I digitally distribute a video once per year as early as 6 mo (to qualify).

It would be great to have another option for benefit tracking that said “once every” with drop downs for weeks/months/years and # of those units, I.e. once every 6 weeks or once every 6 months, etc.

Thanks for all you do!!!


I’m glad that I’m not the only one who needs this! It seems like a VERY easy fix and so many folks would be able to use it.


Also there’s no data exported in the csv that says if you marked a person as receiving the reward or not…


Yeah that would be helpful too for large amounts of folks to keep up with.

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It would be cool if I could track benefits that I release other than just monthly, e.g. weekly, annually, etc.


I second gillian here! “Once every” with a drop down menu: week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, month, 2 months, 3 months, 4 months, etc. through 11 months, year.

Also it would be very helpful to have a “delay” feature, so that if we are choosing to give a rewards after a certain amount of time at a tier (which many of us do! For example, after 3 months or 6 months at this tier you get x) so that we could track when we actually owe those folx, without having to do that all manually.

Thank you Mindy for sharing our feedback with your programmers and technical peeps!


I would like something like this as well! I would love to reward my loyal patrons who have stuck by me and send them a little something after 6 months or even annually. Even just being able to sort our patrons by date would be helpful at this point but it would be nice to have something to track repeated benefits.


I offer variable timed benefits, for example, a shout-out in my next book. These come 1-4 times a year, depending on how often I’m able to publish. “One time” doesn’t help at all, while “monthly” just becomes one more extra step every month.

If we could set how often a benefit is tracked in a more flexible manner, it would be super helpful.

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I second this request! It would be incredibly helpful to be able to track non-monthly or one off benefits. Personally I have a tier where I send out two physical rewards annually, so a way to choose to track a certain number of items per year would be fantastic.


Hi all,

Count me in!

But it sounds like my situation is a little bit different: for my highest tier, my patrons can choose every month whether they want a small print or to save towards getting a big one. After saving 6 times (not necessarily consecutive!), they can get a big one.

In other words, each month THEY decide whether their contribution goes towards this month’s reward or towards saving for a bigger one.

Fortunately, I don’t have many patrons at this level (just one ;), so it’s fairly easy for me. And I think I’ll change my tiers when I move to EUR. But, I may not be the only one with such a strange system…

Hope this helps,

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