"Benefits" has crashed and burned

@buster, Have a look at this Benefits screen I’m getting:

Note there are currently 150 due (patrons who should be listed here!), it claims it’s showing 101-120, but it’s actually showing nothing. There’s no way for me to get back to the list of 150 people. If I go back to benefits and click through to this particular benefit again, I get the same blank screen saying 101-120 of 150. There are no navigation buttons any more to switch to the previous or next groups in the list. My only option appears to be to mark 150 complete without reviewing them at all!

FWIW, I got here because my September list shows 158 patrons, of whom 7 are not eligible for this benefit and 2 are in declined status. So I would accept 149 or complain about 151, but I can’t fathom how it came up with 150. I was trying to scroll through the list to see if one of the entries was dated August or something. The last screen before I ended up on this dead end said it was showing 20 people (I think, also 101-120? but maybe a different range of 20) and there were actually only 10 listed. Before that I had looked around this list and then gone to some other lists and come back to this one and advanced a few pages.

It seems like somehow that screwed up the indexes of which records I was looking at? So now my view is “off the end” and that causes the screen to receive 0 records and tell me to wait for next month? I wish it would reset the view to start at page #1 every time you click the name of that benefit from the “Benefits” screen – there’s no need to carry around the offset of the page I USED to be looking at after I’ve left that benefit and returned again.

So, I would have to say the Benefits feature is still pretty stinking buggy.

Also, the patron lists there need to be searchable and/or sortable (by name, pledge, etc.). I can’t flip through 8 screens of 20 patrons listed in a completely random order to find somebody and check them off. It was fine when there were only a handful listed, but when I got hit with the whole month’s worth of entries, it suddenly became useless. More thought (and TESTING!) needs to go into handling monthly benefits with 100+ patrons. What if I want to check off everyone at a certain pledge level? Everyone EXCEPT a handful of patrons? A particular patron?

And why’s the page size 20 anyway? This is a trivial amount of data and I have no use for pages – I want to see it all. That would obviate the need for searchability because I could just Ctrl-F to the patron I want, and it would reduce the severity of the blank screen bug because they’d all be on the first screen. A page size of 1000 would be a good stopgap measure. Or maybe 10,000. Bytes are cheap and I have broadband.


Yeah, seconding that this shouldn’t be “paged” content: when I’m doing fulfillment I do NOT need to keep track of which page I’m on and worry about whether something has shifted and whether my pages are still accurate (especially when it sometimes takes me some time to produce items for reward fulfillment).

Please elevate the bugs in this feature to the appropriate team!


Thank you for this detailed report. We’ll take a look at this today and find the fix. Apologies for the inconvenience here…


We’ll definitely look into increasing the number per page as well. Sortable lists is something on our backlog as well.

Have you tried downloading the CSV? That might get you the data, at least.


Hi @ammulder,

I’m an engineer on the Platform team, and I have a answer to one of your questions. The reason that you see 150 benefits to fulfill even though you have 149 eligible patrons, is (as you mentioned) that one of your patrons has a benefit from August as well as September. The first benefit in your Benefits tracker has a due date of Aug 31st, and the same patron has one for Sep 30th as well.

I’m sorry that you’re experiencing bugginess with the pagination of benefits. I’ve confirmed the issue and will definitely be investigating the cause.



Great, thanks. Look forward to an update/fix!


Hi @ammulder,

I’m also an engineer on Patreon’s Platform team. I just wanted to let you know that we recently released a change to the benefits tracker that increases the number of deliverables per page to 100, which will hopefully alleviate some of the difficulty you’ve been having with the tool.