Benefits / Sales Tax hack

I assume you had to move quickly for regulatory reasons, but it seems the new sales tax functionality is a bit hacky, and it’s going to cause benefit todo lists to fill up with garbage.

There’s a conceptual distinction between:

  • Here is a “benefit” I’m giving to my patrons, in some way, which now has some value and a sales tax categorization
  • I want Patreon to add something to a todo list so I remember to give my patrons a benefit I promised

Right now, those two things are just kinda… mashed together because both of them have the word ‘benefit’ in them. As a result, my benefit list is just a confusing mess.

Here’s the sort of thing that would make sense to me:

Specific issues:

  1. I have an ‘Access to occasional polls’ benefit that (for some reason?) Patreon thinks is a one-time benefit. It’s not, it’s access to a certain post type. This should never produce a todo list item, as soon as I make a poll, the benefit is fulfilled.

  2. My ‘Support This Project’ (sales tax category, General Support) is listed as a ‘Monthly Benefit’, which I think means it’s going to create hundreds of todo items every months for me to delete. this should never produce a todo list item.

  3. I have a ‘WIP Updates’ (sales tax category, Bonus Digital Content) which is listed as a one-time benefit. It’s not: like polls, patrons receive this benefit whenever I make a post of the appropriate type. Like polls, this should never produce a todo list item.