Benefits Summary Box Update (& some other upcoming tests)

Hello creators!

We have some new visuals going out today that are updating the old post summary box on the creator landing page. The update will appear for fans of creators who are offering Discord, promo code(coming soon!), Merch for Membership, or RSS as a benefit.

Here’s how they’ll look out in the wild, compared to the old version:

We plan to test the placement of this box on the page and hope to have results on other tests around the banner image and teasing more than 3 tiers soon. Look out for those results in The Insider at the end of the month!


This looks really nice! This is a pleasant blend of highlighting the sheer number of posts while being more visually appealing. Also, this looks like it deals with the issue of potential patrons being misled by post types that aren’t entirely representative of what the post is, which was a huge issue.


I completely agree with all of this! Really liking the change!

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While I like this, it does misrepresent what my patrons receive as individual posts are not even close to representative of the benefits at each level…being able to define that text/count would be appropriate. In my case it would be things like ‘2 additional stories’ or something similar, not 100 posts.