Best practices for contributing to the community!

Either you’ve just joined the community or are unsure whether or not your topic or comment is something that would be best shared in the community or saved for another venue.

Fear not! Here is a simple checklist to use before you get the hang of contributing to the community!

1) Has this topic already been started?

A quick way to figure this out is by going up to the magnifying glass on the top-right and entering a few keywords contained within your post. If you find something super similar to what you’re about to post, it might be better to contribute to that topic instead of starting a new one.

  1. Is this a bug or a question that might be better answered by Patreon support?

Asking the community whether or not they’re experiencing a similar potential bug on Patreon might elicit a few affirmative responses but it is not the quickest way to get it fixed. If you’re having trouble with the Patreon platform, your best course of action is submitting a support ticket using this short form.

3) Am I starting this topic in the best category listed/should I start a new category?

There are a number of categories you can post to and/or follow based on your interests. If you aren’t sure what category you should pick when posting, feel free to ask by starting a thread in the Getting Started category.

4) Does my post/comment positively contribute to the community?

Check out the Community Guidelines for more info on how you can ensure your contribution is aligned with the goals of this community!