Best practices for registered but as yet unpaid patreons

Ive recently had some patreons register but payment gets declined. they register mid month and i assume once registered will get access to content i enter on the posts section. I have two tiers so if they opt for a specific tier i assume they get full access even if payment hasnt been procesed yet. is this correct?

If this is the case then a better practice would be to message only paid subscribers via the patron manager section as that way i can only message to those that have paid. and will keep my content posted in the ‘posts’ section to a minimum.

It would be interesting to read how others manage this issue.


This is correct. It is an unfortunate situation many of us deal with and wish Patreon would fix. It is not fair that people can view content without successfully paying.

Outside of using the pay upfront feature many of us deal with it exactly how you say, by sending links. I post small versions of my work, videos and previews in the blog and also put general updates there. However all finished content that is meant for patrons only (high res files and the like that never go out beyond Patreon) I use Dropbox and send a link to the folder or a zip/rar file to them as that is the only way I can make sure someone has paid before getting content.

Read up on the pay upfront feature and if it suits you I’d say use it. It is not for everyone though. (I refuse to use it until changes are made or there are options but who knows, it may suit you!)

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Hey Temrin.
Thanks for your reply and suggestions. For me its all about video content posted on youtube and vimeo, It is time sensitive material and that is why it is premium. Unfortunately there are people who want to access but not pay and ive been taken advantage of a few times now. so will adopt the message system from now on. The pay now option doesnt work for me because i need a subscriber base paying monthly.

Some folks want to access my data immediately without having to wait for the 1st of the month So for them I do ask to pay me directly for immediate access but those are payments outside of patreon and so they dont get their 5%. I dont really see this changing until the powers in the higher echelons start an immediate payment system for patrons.

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