Best way to adjust tier pricing?


With the new options provided by various Patreon add-ons, I plan on changing my membership offerings and tiers.

My current top tier, Platinum, is $10/month. I plan on changing that to $20/month with the addition of a course section on my website.

What’s the best way to make that transition?

I don’t want to suddenly charge Patrons double.

But I also don’t want to add more tiers - I want to keep my tiers nice and clear and simple with three options. $2, $7, $20.

$2 stays the same as the current $2. Current $5 tier becomes $7. Current $10 Tier becomes $20.

What’s the best way to stage those changes?

Changing a tier cost doesn’t automatically change how much those patrons are paying. They have to manually change their pledge on their own. I would be open with them and let them know of your planned changes. Warn them and then change your tiers and PM all those who need to change their pledge. There will be folks who won’t change right away. Just make it clear that they need to change to continue getting the content at that tier. (Some folks will allow old patrons to continue paying their ‘grandfathered’ amount and new folks have to pay the new price but that is up to you. Just make it clear to them and communicate. )


Ok, that’s awesome!

The grandfathering approach works for my particular situation.

And the PM idea is great.

Thanks so much!

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No problem :slight_smile:

Is it even technically possible to modify a tier amount once you have patrons in that tier? I’m not entirely sure. If I recall correctly, the value is locked once someone is paying into it. That might complicate your plans to not have new tiers.

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Hi @johnnfour - @Temrin and @joumana are right. If you have paying patrons at a tier, you can’t change the cost. However, you can “unpublish” the tier, and add a new tier, then encourage your patrons to up-level in order to continue to receive that benefit.

I would very specifically and honestly communicate the changes to your patrons before you make them. That way, no one will feel blindsided, and they’ll have more context and understand why you are making the changes. You can also let them know that if they don’t change their level, they’ll receive the benefits of a level down. (Meaning: If you had a $5 tier and you unpublish it, your patrons will receive the benefits you post to the tier below, in this case, the $2 benefits.)

Is that clear?


Thanks @laurab!

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